If you wish to make a contribution (give) or make a thanks offering to the Lord, you may do so to the following address.

Smt. K.L. Jayaprada Trust
Door no. 7-116, Turangi
Kakinada, E.G.Dist – 533016
Andhra Pradesh, India.

Phone: +91-9963093100

Please address your checks to Smt. K.L. Jayaprada Trust.

We are committed to doing the Lord’s work here in India as well as in any other part of the world the Lord is willing to lead us. This website is solely run, and has been for the past six years, by Nathan Kedarisetti (for further information about him please visit the “About” section) with the aim of reaching as many people as possible and to avail them the truth and insights of the gospel of Christ. And through your trust and belief in the gospel you receive from this website we wish that you voluntarily donate money as part of your giving to the Lord. The Trust is fully accountable to the law of India as well as to the people that donate, and more so to the Lord. As it is, it is very difficult from the present days to trust any one particular person or institution with our contributions. It is for this reason we ask you to see if you are benefiting from the gospel you receive from this website. If you are benefiting, you may choose to help us do the Lord’s work through your contributions. We all know that it is always better to give than to receive so that the Lord abundantly replenishes us.

Here are some objectives of the Trust.

  1. Help Christians understand the need to live and continue as faithful Christians.
  2. Equip Christians (churches) to engage themselves to do more for the Lord.
  3. Teach Christ to those who voluntarily seek to understand Him.
  4. Train men and women to become workers for the Lord and appointing them to work at various places.
  5. Help poor believers, whether pastors, preachers or believers, with their needs.
  6. Provide help to those who are certainly orphans regardless of their background.
  7. In some cases provide financial help to orphans toward their education.
  8. Support the destitute of all ages.
  9. Provide financial assistance to those who are certainly widows regardless of their background.
  10. Help the poor in general targeting their specific and urgent needs.
  11. Bring awareness to as many as possible regarding a life of honesty and speaking the truth.
  12. If necessary involve in purchasing of land, purchasing of equipment, construction of administrative and utility buildings and construction of church buildings for achieving or proper functioning of the above objectives.

If you truly wish to help us, we honestly ask you to prayerfully make the decision so that your contribution is not with a heavy heart, but with joy and in compassion. For we do not wish you feel to having made a hasty decision in contributing to us at some point in the future. We pray that our Lord will lead you to make the right choice.


Nathan Kedarisetti (Representative of Smt. K.L. Jayaprada Trust)

For any queries feel free to write at or call to the above mentioned phone number.