Destined Us for Wrath?

“For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Thess. 5:9).

If you are saved by grace through faith and not according to any work you have done or kept, your destiny is written – you are safe forever. It is the message in today’s passage. Destiny is the finality of a journey. It is irreversible. It is the end of a journey where one realizes it is what is to take place. In believers case it is eternal life given graciously by our heavenly Father realized now by faith in God’s word. Paul was very adamant in saying that a saved person’s end cannot be plagued by wrath. It is very satisfying and heartwarming to hear of such God’s resolve toward us. It implies the notion ‘once saved always saved,’ which is often ridiculed and rebuffed by the so-called believers. Yet, Paul’s belief, which was of the Spirit, was contrary to theirs.

No matter the events and no matter what we do from the moment of salvation until the moment we die or Christ comes, we will not lose God’s gracious gift of salvation. This does not mean we are spared from God’s discipline. As believers there will be consequences to our wrong doings, sins and unwise actions in this life. Though these things may happen, still our destiny is not wrath, but eternity with the Father. The Father has chosen the best possible way to it. It is “salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.” By saving us from sin when we believed in His Son He ensures we are kept for eternity through the same. In other words, He beholds us through His Son and works toward us so that the promise of eternal life to us is not nullified. By beholding us in His Son He suppresses His wrath against us.

Posted in 2017, Interpretations.