A Difficult Aspect

Controlling our minds and hearts is a difficult aspect. Basically, it is difficult to control our emotions and thoughts. But being able to be in control of them is the greatest strength we can have, for then we do not doubt, fear, grumble, misjudge and do not act hasty. A person has an erratic mind and an unstable heart if he is controlled by the power of the world or the devil. The devil constantly misleads men to believe, do or say what is not right at a given moment. He inflicts many thoughts and possibilities to cancel out good wisdom and bring out uncontrollable feelings from their heart so they do exactly that which they ought not to do.

At one time or another, at some level, we were all wrong to think differently about a person, situation or blessing when we ought not to have done that way. It was because we were intentionally misled by the power of men or of the devil. Certain situations acutely influence us, rile us up or scare us. The only thing that can actually keep us calm and stable at those times is God’s wisdom. It must be in us and then we can work around their misleading. Jesus warned us saying, “See to it that no one misleads you” (Matt. 24:4). Let us lock onto some distinctive points that may help you overthrow misleading.

  • First, you must recognize it is your duty to see that no one misleads you. It means you dump carelessness. You cannot blame others for being misled.
  • You must live in God’s wisdom. Period.
  • You must always tally your feelings or situation with God’s word – wisdom pours out of His word.
  • The main culprits of misleading are fear and anxiety – they are siblings. They build a case against you.
  • Men and Satan use any situation, weakness, desire or emotion to rob you. They make your mind a battlefield inducing fear and anxiety.
  • When you notice you are in confusion, realize your head is taken over by someone or something. Quickly revert to God’s presence.
  • While in confusion never seek a man’s help, unless you are sure he or she is a godly person and then together seek God.
  • Persistent praying until God places you on a strong level surface or fills you with strength is the way to squash misleading.
  • Persistent praying has a process that completely overthrows fear and anxiety. As you pray God engages you in it. Men and Satan will retreat.
  • If a situation or emotion is grave, fear and anxiety are recurrent. Do not fear. God works with you to make you as strong and commanding as the situation itself.
  • If there is guidance from God that is awe-inspiring or seems too good to believe, beware! Satan lurks to mislead you. Buckle up and stay strong.
  • Never hasten to conclusion. If you don’t have time to consult God, make time. For it is better that way than to suffer unwanted results.
  • For the above reason it is wise to spend time in God’s presence on a daily basis. Then when confusion or impossible appears God will answer you or show you a way out quickly.
  • Once you are misled a wrong will appear right. It leads to many more. For this reason, many are deceived into thinking they believe in God and are living for Him in all they do.
  • Your life faces many situations. It is normal; nothing unusual. But know that in every situation Satan seeks advantage to mislead you.
  • The most dangerous misleading of all is the misleading concerning Christ and His gospel. If Satan or any man wins you over here, they won over all your situations and emotions. You can never enjoy God’s peace.
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