A Personal Trait

How deep can we love God? How can we express our deepest love to Him? Believers often say they love God. Still, a good number of them intentionally or unintentionally miss an important feature that expresses love to God. Nominal Christians think of it as excessive, as they cannot see how it helps them further. So, with Read More

A Strong and Powerful Character

Having faith in the Almighty Lord is the finest act a Christian can display. Obedience, righteousness, humility and the rest follow from it. Obviously, it is the basis for our association with Him. Because of it, He gives grace for salvation. Yet, it is an act He wants us to display throughout our life. Many have faith Read More

Life In God’s Realm

Why is it that we face the prospect of disobeying the Lord? Why do we sometimes face great difficulty in obeying God? Why do we suffer emotionally and even physically when we are obeying the Lord? And, why do we sometimes feel like we have been overcome? There is some force out there that does not want us to live in peace, Read More

Degree of Obedience

How far can a believer go to demonstrate his or her obedience to God? Or, how much can one obey the Lord? Have you considered your degree of obedience to God? Everyone must evaluate frequently to see where we stand in our obedience to Him. Doing so means, we are willing to be on the track God designed for us. Also, we Read More