Waiting on the Lord inevitably brings joy. Sometimes people find it the hard way, but usually our sheer obedience and trust in Him gives the confidence to hope in His promises. Obedience and trust are vital in waiting on the Lord. It is not an easy task to wait on Him. When He says He will make way for us, it will happen. We can never set a time to it, but the Lord who controls all things brings it to pass. And He did bring it to pass for me through the inauguration of this website. The waiting was long, but it was worth it. After all, it is only true He knows what I need to serve Him. The year was 2010. And above all, I thank Him for making me a steward of His gospel.

How the platform was laid:

I began seeking the Lord, beginning my exclusion by men, for His desire toward me in proclaiming the gospel. From a very young age I was in the gospel culture.  Both my parents were Christians by the time I was born. They both were associated with the gospel. I had aspirations toward the gospel and they came into existence when molded by true faith in Jesus Christ. As it must be, this took great amount of time and became a stepping stone for fulfilling God’s call. From the time I graduated from college to the time I independently entered His service it took nearly seven years, a time God saw fit for me. Earlier, by the provisions He availed, I was able to complete my education in the United States of America. I never imagined that after seven years I would be fulfilling God’s purpose for me in the way He chose. God does keep His promises and yet, the way He does it is seen only by waiting upon Him. My education taught me much, but with God’s intimacy I was able to discern what’s right in His sight. I learned what not to be and what to be by faith in Christ. Therefore, I had the audacity to consider all things, whether it is my learning or riches, fame and honor by inheritance, as nothing.

After completing my education I returned to India, my country, and worked two years at a Bible school run by my father. (For this purpose I was sent to the west and enrolled in FHU, which is of church of Christ). I preached Christ with the hope of providing the power of salvation to those who only claimed to be the church of Christ. But, their indoctrination in the doctrine of men rejected all admonishing and plea, an act God began through another person prior to my coming. Two years later, after much spiritual battle, I chose faith in Christ and separated from the school. And very soon the other person too was expelled. I knew God will not forsake me and He did not. He had given me a disciplinarian as father, a woman of faith as mother and a sister who feared God, but He Himself became my Father in and for all things.

The time of seven years consisted of many measures. I was cursed, accused unjustly, neglected, hated, envied and laughed at by those who heard me. I was considered a fool by those near and far and the dear and strangers for my faith and hope in Christ. I became a rumor and was lied about endlessly. I was considered useless. I was engulfed by many arguments and persecutions; filled with many fears, tears, sorrows, losses, sleepless nights, trials and temptations, but the God of faith kept me. He strengthened me and taught me to look to Him. Numerous times He rescued me from the forces of darkness. He also gave me a few who loved Christ with an incorruptible love. I am here today because of Jesus Christ who washed me, the wretched, in His blood, sanctified my heart in the Spirit, works in me and continues to purify me by His grace.

Now, through His will and grace I have begun “” that I fulfill His desire. It is His response to the manner in which He desires people live for Him. Just as the Spirit of Christ availed me before He will again do so this time for the one purpose of bringing many sons to God. God is willing to make many servants who are selfless and become the doctrine of Christ rather than of men to minister Him and His church. And He deduced it to me from His Word (Ezra 8:15). It is my belief that the message proclaimed here will bring understanding, peace and harmony in your life through the knowledge of Christ. I have planned to update this site on a weekly basis and entrust to God for the fulfillment of it. Whether I spread the good news of Christ by way of speech or by writing I do not do it for pleasing men or as an excuse for greed, but with the full knowledge that God always examines my heart as one approved by Him for the gospel.

This website is of the Church of Christ, India.


Nathan Kedarisetti

*All Scripture references shall be from NASB, unless notified.