When All Hope Is Fading

How do you prepare yourself for a time of adversity? No one can predict what harsh environment surrounds us and when. Life can always fall to adversity and at some point it will certainly face times that are unjustifiable. It is always difficult to handle adversity. We tend to lose our senses. It is very difficult for Read More

Make Decisions

“Now Solomon decided to build a house for the name of the LORD and a royal palace for himself” (2 Chron. 2:1).

Men commonly say that each person must take decisions in life based on the demands of a situation regardless of what anyone thinks. They may have ramifications and still we are told to do ‘something’ Read More

Heed the Words

We have an obligation to fulfill. It is much more important than all the things we have, even the indispensable things as well as our family. For in fulfilling it everything we have, whether the material things or the greater ones will continually give us joy and comfort. Everything and everyone we have at the moment Read More

Living by Faith

Living by faith is not a tradition. It is not an act of speech and works. It is an act of complete trust in God for total dependence on Him. Such faith leads to irrevocable actions for amazing and spontaneous results. It is neither a drama. It is an act of walking with God emotionally, spiritually and literally. By such Read More

Something Very Uncommon

There is something very uncommon about the Lord Jesus Christ; uncommon not as in peculiar, but very interesting and excavating. He does things out of this world! Such idiomatic expression is used to exaggerate an act that someone did. However, we couldn’t do it in the case of Jesus, because He literally does it. Look Read More

Regard for God’s Blessings

One of the good qualities of God’s children is preservation. It shows how important and precious God given things are to them. They know they have come at a great understanding and under great burden and are with a mind to rejoice in them. Time and again people spend their resources unwisely for various things and in Read More

Consequences Are Not Punishment

When does God punish men on earth? Does He punish His children too? When they sin, He does, but at what point? Many people have doubts and fears regarding this matter. Lack of concrete understanding of it can hinder us from getting closer to God. A vital point of note is consequences are not His punishment. They are subsequent Read More

Things We Can be Privy To

Can we know the things we have not been privy to before? Is it even possible? We hear people speak of ‘sixth sense.’ I doubt its existence, except that it is the intuitiveness of the mind. It’s just that it is a quick feel of a situation that happens to be right. It is not a conclusion arrived at by keenly analyzing a situation. Hence, it does Read More

Our Comfort Zone

Fear of enemies is a good attribute when it leads us to God. It is good to be able to measure and acknowledge the power of our enemies. It is a leverage to seek God for deliverance and acts as a springboard to fulfilling God’s will. David sought God and said, “Or he will tear my soul Read More

Be Inviting to Him

What invites the Lord to work in our life? We should all be inviting to Him every day. It is only then that we can live a peaceful and tranquil life. One thing we must do if we want solutions, His gifts and blessings is be available to Him. This does not mean we are there as living beings, but as living spiritual beings. Read More