Demonstrating Unrighteousness

God uninterruptedly demonstrates He is sovereign and almighty. He does it for the righteous abundantly and for the unrighteous righteously. He is not in a position to shy from it. When believers measure themselves by the standard of righteousness He set for them, they know that this is true. One thing is a constant, i.e. Read More

ఓటమి చూడనివారు

హాద్రాకు దేశమునుగూర్చియు దమస్కు పట్టణమునుగూర్చియు వచ్చిన దేవోక్తి. ఏలయనగా యెహోవా సర్వ నరులను  ఇశ్రాయేలీయుల Read More

From Christ’s Heart

It’s amazing how often men set themselves high up in things pertaining to God. They involve themselves in them, though it is unconvincing to God. Many are “acting God” in the things pertaining to God when they must understand Him. This is sin. Yet, they do not regard it as sin. They ironed themselves out with the Read More

దేవునివలనైన ఆదరణ

శ్రమ ఆదరణవలనైన గొప్ప జీవితముకు బాటవేయును. ఏదోవిధమైన శ్రమ లేనిదే దేవుని ఆదరణ ఉండదు. ఈ ఆదరణ పొందనివాడు క్రీస్తును, క్రీస్తు Read More

One Lifestyle

After being called specifically by the God of heaven and earth, the true creator of all things we are to make sure on a daily basis we live up to His standards. The understanding is very simple. A man works under a boss and he must endeavor according to his heart and mind, if he wishes a happy life. Often believers from Read More

Christ Has Been Raised

“But now Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who are asleep” (1 Cor. 15:20).

Looking at the above verse two things are very clear; they are the bench mark for Christians to inherit eternity – that Christ is the first fruits and all who are truly asleep in Him were similar to Him while Read More

Changes for the Better

The Lord God always desires to take part in our daily life and activities. Often we do not realize it, but He wishes to be with us working along with us and for us. When we let Him into our lives, everything changes for the better. Everything relating to us relates to Him. Our battles will be His. Our sufferings He considers Read More

Your God

“For his God instructs and teaches him properly” (Isa. 28:26).

God draws a parallelism for all in speaking the above verse in relation to a farmer, something which the current teachers, preachers, administrators along with believers ought to comprehend.

There’s no knowledge or instruction existing outside God. Everything Read More