One Lifestyle

After being called specifically by the God of heaven and earth, the true creator of all things we are to make sure on a daily basis we live up to His standards. The understanding is very simple. A man works under a boss and he must endeavor according to his heart and mind, if he wishes a happy life. Often believers from all walks of life are told to be conformed to the image of Christ by whom we are called Christians. To the weak it often appears difficult, to those who have dual motives in serving Christ it appears impossible as they constantly revert to the flesh and to those who have prioritized Christ in their lives it becomes a goal, a responsibility and way of life. There can only be one lifestyle in following Christ and any other is detrimental. For God says, “Hear this, O house of Jacob, who are named Israel And who came forth from the loins of Judah, Who swear by the name of the LORD And invoke the God of Israel, But not in truth nor in righteousness” (Isaiah 48:1). Therefore, by taking some notes let us refresh our hearts and minds so that we do not fail to impress the Lord on a daily basis.

  1. By being named after the Savior we must realize His name is no ordinary name and honor it.
  2. The power in the name is realized at salvation and must not be taken lightly at any point of time from thereon.
  3. While we are all born according to the flesh we are born again from the name of the Lord.
  4. We are permitted to invoke God at any time and place and are allowed to make an oath as His children.
  5. The two things God dearly and certainly requires from us are doing and speaking all things in truth and righteousness.
  6. To be able to know His truth and righteousness is the most important aspect for living a Christian life.
  7. God does not hear our prayers and protect our oaths when we do not practice truth and righteousness though we are called by the name of the Lord, for we are in sin and He does not hear sinners.
  8. Invoking God while in any form of sin brings His wrath upon us.
  9. To invoke God while in sin means we consider Him just as us. This is an abomination.
  10. When not in truth and righteousness, our prayers and oaths are guided by the devil and the outcome of it is only severe loss.
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