God Has Wonderfully Kept You

It is good to be saved by the blood of Christ, an act God carries out by grace. You can consider yourself blessed! Remember the times you felt free because you knew His grace wiped away your sin. It is because He made you feel safe when you sinned or acted against Him that you are able to feel free. He allows you to experience Read More

A Proper Road Map

We should all become strong Christians and strive to remain there. Many desire to be, but lack of knowledge, application, zeal and strength bereaves them of it. Living as strong Christians has beautiful results and we know it. Most importantly, it helps us overcome the world and sin time after time resulting in glorification Read More

Start With Yourselves

A believer’s learning about God and his or her stability in faith depends to a considerable extent on the shepherd that feeds. This also says that a believer is not exempt from his or her duty. Nevertheless, it all begins with the shepherd. Jesus said He is the good shepherd meaning that He will only lead His people Read More

The Key to living a Secure Life

Understanding Jesus is the key to living a secure life. It has untold peace. Usually, He can be understood to an extent by anyone reading His commands and lifestyle. However, to understand Him as our High priest, Savior and friend summons for a deeper and personal understanding. And He does make it quite possible for Read More

A Noble Act

A good number of times growing up in the Lord or in relation to salvation is by the discipline of God. We have to accept it. God disciplines us for a wrong doing after having patiently waited on us; and we all test Him more than and more often than we should. He expects us to realize and return to Him first, but when Read More

God Has Never Forsaken Us

Saved by grace through faith is a fantastic and perpetual outcome. There is no permanent separation from God. Though through our negligence at one time or another sin takes a higher ground in our life, the Lord will eventually turn our lives around for His glory. For when He has bought us with a ransom and brought us Read More