God Has Wonderfully Kept You

It is good to be saved by the blood of Christ, an act God carries out by grace. You can consider yourself blessed! Remember the times you felt free because you knew His grace wiped away your sin. It is because He made you feel safe when you sinned or acted against Him that you are able to feel free. He allows you to experience His grace by choosing to show mercy at a time when you must pay. This tells you that you are forever exempted from His judgment. Judgment falls on the unsaved, which are bound by sin. Every time you sin and go to God seeking forgiveness you are expressing remorse for the act or acts you did. God has already forgiven all your sins, past, present and future, when He first saved you. But when you seek His forgiveness, you maintain the relationship with Him which has been paused. This is made possible by grace and is the reason you feel free.

You notice that God has wonderfully kept you by not abandoning you as you see He never intended to let Himself out of a relationship with you. The grace, a free gift, which He gave you, allows Him to wait on you each time you sin so that you take the opportunity to maintain relationship with Him. What this has done is except you from the following. “For the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?” (Rev. 6:17). You never face that wrath and therefore, you can stand before the judgment seat of God. But, wrath will fall on all who did not confess Jesus as the Savior. God may allow the consequences of your bad actions to fall on you so you learn to honor Him, but not wrath that epitomizes judgment. It is for the reason of bypassing judgment on you that He allows consequences.

If you did not confess Jesus as your only Savior, you will not be able to stand before Him on the day of wrath. If you wish to envision how that day feels, you need to come to the feeling of being totally free. This gives you an idea of what it would be like on that day. It is true, because this is what God says, “knowing brethren beloved by God, His choice of you;” (1 Thess.1:4). When you are free, there are three things that concern you. You belong to a group of people that are of God. Second, you are beloved of the God who alone is true and Almighty with all power. The idea of beloved is that God “felt a love” for you. In layman’s terms you are a darling or a favorite of God. Finally, you are His choice, i.e. He specifically chose you and for this reason, with much perseverance and power sent the gospel your way. What these words mean is that God is all for you for the sole reason that you chose Jesus Christ, His Son, as your only God and Savior. He will pour out His feelings, care, gifts and blessings on you so that you cannot escape what it is to be free under grace. Then you would never want to be distant from it. You envision what it is to be under wrath and thank Him for freeing you. This is how you can live just as the people who have been made free enjoy living with God.

Posted in 2016, Storehouse.