Vessels for God’s Victory

How often do we call to mind that God has a purpose toward us? Because each time we face a situation, there is God in it to work through us for the world and for us. When we are faith oriented and trust God for everything that has come up in our life, He then is executing His purpose through us for His kingdom. We are Read More

The Happy Ones

Our soul is an emotional being. It goes through many emotions in a life time. They include the happy ones and the sad ones. When we are happy, we stand tall. Our attitude too is positive. We are energized for all the things that must be done. We show eagerness to do good things. Happiness is an emotion that every human Read More

In The Midst of Hurdles

Walking by the Lord’s will is being prepared to face anything that comes our way with the knowledge that He will not abandon us. Such knowledge is first from our belief in Him and in who He is; He is all-powerful and He lovingly cares for us. With this we increase our knowledge through various experiences. These experiences Read More

God’s Descendants

How may we liken the calling of God to Christians? It is like this: “But let no one enter the house of the LORD except the priests and the ministering Levites; they may enter, for they are holy. And let all the people keep the charge of the LORD” (2 Chron. 23:6). We know the Lord God calls believers to His service. Read More

Putting All Things Together

“That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man” (Eph. 3:16).

It is understood that God always has positive feelings toward His children. When we are obedient to Him, those feelings are expressed toward us in various ways which we never Read More

The Holy Spirit

There are certain things about God that we should know to understand His Word and particularly His promises. Firstly, we should full well know that He is a God who knows man’s heart thoroughly. We should know He does not show partiality, none whatsoever. We should know He desires His promises bear fruit in His children Read More

“Whatever He Says To You, Do It”

As children of God our life should always revolve around Jesus. There should be no second thoughts about it. Yet, what makes it happen? One thing that must obviously come to our mind is obeying Him at all costs. This will have great rewards. For this we should first measure our obedience toward Him; measure it in a manner Read More

A Damaging Trait

Impatience is a damaging trait. Impatient people often make mistakes. Their thought process is ruined or disturbed by some unwarranted fear or reasoning. At times they commit mistakes that have lengthy repercussions. Impatience makes its holders weak, damaging and preposterous. Impatience toward people and God causes Read More

Regard for God’s Blessings

One of the good qualities of God’s children is preservation. It shows how important and precious God given things are to them. They know they have come at a great understanding and under great burden and are with a mind to rejoice in them. Time and again people spend their resources unwisely for various things and in Read More

Proving Ourselves Wiser

One of the affects of having heavenly wisdom is being able to sniff the approaches of Satan. Receiving salvation is the beginning of saving wisdom. The grace we receive at that time comes with profiting wisdom. Whoever builds on it goes on to gain access to the Lord’s understanding of how the devil works to derail a Read More