Your God

“For his God instructs and teaches him properly” (Isa. 28:26).

God draws a parallelism for all in speaking the above verse in relation to a farmer, something which the current teachers, preachers, administrators along with believers ought to comprehend.

There’s no knowledge or instruction existing outside God. Everything comes from Him. How does a farmer know how to perform his work? Isaiah explains it is God’s doing. No matter our area of work and though we have instructors to train us for it, its substance first came from God. If we on our part will listen to Him, He makes us expertise in our work. This particularly applies to those who work with God’s word. Any instruction and teaching other than God’s is frivolous simply because it does not yield the perfect result. Consider verses 23-29, the farmer listens to God to the last step and does not fail. Using the right tools for each crop is key to avoiding losses. It is preceded by certain amount of plowing, turning and harrowing the ground as well as leveling the surface. Failure in accomplishing any one act will leave the farmer with empty hands.

Similarly, as a believer or preacher no one thing should be overdone ignoring other aspects. When God is instructing and teaching us we do the right things in right amounts at the right time. In other words, we fulfill all aspects pertaining to the work we’ve been put into. Then in every area of our life we satisfy God while we ourselves avoid sorrow, burden, shame and burnout. When this isn’t the case, the result brought forth is imbalanced, short sighted, fleshly and ineffective revealing we’ve been alien to some aspects of God’s instruction and teaching. This is the case with numerous current preachers, teachers and believers. Yet, to them their work is as gold and their knowledge as precious stones. This makes them only naïve. Hence, they constantly repeat their mistakes, fall into the same trap, fellowship with the same people, learn the same things and ignore most of God’s wisdom.

Every teacher and believer ought to know when to put the right foot, press the right button, make the right turn and enter the right way. And such knowledge exists with God alone. This would make them successful. God is able, willing and ready to instruct us in every step of the way and teach us the substance in it.

Posted in 2018, Interpretations.