Be Inviting to Him

What invites the Lord to work in our life? We should all be inviting to Him every day. It is only then that we can live a peaceful and tranquil life. One thing we must do if we want solutions, His gifts and blessings is be available to Him. This does not mean we are there as living beings, but as living spiritual beings. And how this exactly goes is seen in here. “They were both righteous in the sight of God, walking blamelessly in all the commandments and requirements of the Lord (Luke 1:6). Zacharias and Elizabeth were good people in the Lord. We know the Lord used them for His glory. He made them the parents of John the Baptist. At a very old age, when all is doom and gloom, they’ve enjoyed the birth of a child.

The reason for their joy was being inviting to the Lord. The Bible says they were both righteous before God, walked blamelessly in everything God asked of them. They didn’t know when the Lord would visit them, but knew He would visit them. I would further say that a requirement of God from them is to not lose belief no matter what. This was the result of the confidence gained from their prayers. Hence, they did not murmur nor complain and at such an old age did not quit believing. They petitioned, for He is able. It kept them in righteousness. So, they knew He will visit them one day and while He is yet to visit, they did not change.

Praying brings into us the mind and heart of God. Many petition to Him about a need or desire. He supplies them with His intent and yet, in the midst of waiting they quit. Meaning, they seek their own ways. This leads to transgressing His commandments and requirements. By seeking their ways, they never know what He requires of them. He heard them. It’s not like He will not visit, but He wants their prayers to be full. The Lord always needs us to be holy for Him to visit us in our needs and desires, i.e. no disobedience in us. One thing to realize is that He visits us when He wants. It brings out the best for us and for Him. A top reason to be like Zacharias and Elizabeth, though in distress, lack and disgrace, is enjoying God’s intimacy. As long as we are doing it we cannot transgress.

It is only in righteousness that God blesses us and does remarkable things for us. One cannot be obedient to some degree and expect Him to do great things. Now, this is if we want Him to do something for us. He waits and tests, but He will visit us. You likely have experienced a scenario wherein you saw God do remarkable things for you because you were walking righteously and also saw refrain Himself from you because you were casual for it. As human beings we fail to please Him at times, but we have all realized by grace that He doesn’t do great things for us in those times. He still protects us and hears our prayers to an extent, but we know He’s not fully with us. We cannot deceive God; we cannot make Him do things for us while we stand our ground. He is remarkably holy and righteous. Sometimes life appears doom and gloom, but nothing is lost with Him at our side. He will do something; He will visit us and it will be remarkable!

Listen, the factor that made the couple live righteously is the knowledge that is with praying. When they were praying for a child, they knew righteous living is the only way for its effectiveness. And God gave them the faith that He will visit them. There are effective ways to be inviting to God. Let’s make them our stepping stones to obtain what we lack and desire.

  1. Being expectant. As we petition to God we must hope He answers. He is a living God. He will not forget us though we may assume otherwise. We pray until He responds. And when He answers, we must continue in hope by His faithful leading. He will visit when we do not expect. “BUT THE LORD SAID TO HIM, ‘TAKE OFF THE SANDALS FROM YOUR FEET, FOR THE PLACE ON WHICH YOU ARE STANDING IS HOLY GROUND’” (Acts 7:33).
  2. Being in the Holy Spirit. We receive Him at salvation and we must continue to live and work in Him. Praying is a vital act for it. For He coordinates our inner man with God. Moreover, He gives prudent thinking. He helps to stay in hope and empowers faith. “After looking up the disciples, we stayed there seven days; and they kept telling Paul through the Spirit not to set foot in Jerusalem” (Acts 21:4). We walk by Him which helps live righteously. We faithfully fulfill God’s requirements, for He reminds us of them.
  3. Being confident. This is a big thing. Confidence destroys fear. If we are confident that God will answer and will fulfill His word, we live peacefully and will trust Him for what He is and what He promised to do. This is the one quality that many fail to possess. One reason for it is they are obedient in part. The other is the magnitude of the obstacle or the nature of the work. Yet if we put confidence in God’s power and knowledge, we will see joy. “But if there is no resurrection of the dead, not even Christ has been raised” (1 Cor. 15:13).
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