Following Jesus

Following Jesus is not all that easy when we start to think of it. For when we begin to think it is then that God too enlightens us as to how we do it. It inevitably involves sacrifices; in fact, it begins with a sacrifice of ours. Sacrifice is a common feature in human life. We all make sacrifices from time to time in whatever things we endeavor. But sacrificing for Jesus is a bit different, heavier and truer than the commonly done. For the sacrifices we make for ourselves are based on our judgment, strength, choice and interests; the sacrifices we make for Christ are not. Sacrifices of our choice may or may not bring perfect results, but the ones we make for Christ do. They may be throughout our lifetime as and when Christ requires. Nevertheless, when we have sacrificed, it gets easier. He who does it more achieves and attains more. “Looking at him, Jesus felt a love for him and said to him, ‘One thing you lack: go and sell all you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me” (Mark 10:21).

Let’s try to delve on the idea of sacrificing for Christ.

  • First, your sacrifices are directed on your calling – a specific purpose that God focuses through your life.
  • You don’t make decisions as to what kind of sacrifices works for Christ. When the calling is His, so do the kind of sacrifices you must make.
  • You definitely need to identify or realize God’s purpose for you.
  • Your intimacy with Christ is what really allows you to make sacrifices. It is what leads you to make true and effective sacrifices. He tells you which ones to forego.
  • Sacrifices can make you boastful. It’s either the work of the devil or they may not be what Christ really asked of you.
  • It is God who highlights your sacrifices by what He accomplishes in you.
  • A sacrifice you make for Him first gives you humility. For you leave something that you like or need.
  • Avoid the mighty misconception that sacrificing is unprofitable or is a lost cause. It is only for the unbelieving.
  • People that make excuses to fulfill Jesus’ calling to sacrifice are those that intend to keep their affiliation with the flesh.
  • See what true sacrifice by calling produces – Mark 10:28-30
  • Jesus calls to sacrifice so that He can first give you His mind and then to bless you beyond your imagination.
  • The things that many do not wish to sacrifice are known quantities – things the eye sees. But what they lose by not responding to Jesus is the known as well as the unknown quantities whose measure is with Him.
  • The rich man in the above verse did not perceive Christ. Had he believed Him to be the richest person there ever is and that He sacrificed everything for him that he receives a much greater glory, he would have immediately sacrificed his possessions.
  • Responding to Jesus call to sacrifice is a mighty virtue. Yet, many will dislike you for it because of what it produces in and from you.
  • You may not have to sacrifice everything, though some have to, but you will have to sacrifice some very important things. Still, it’s a win-win situation, if you know Jesus.
  • When you sacrifice, the first thing you feel is pain. But what strengthens and emboldens you is God’s peace and comfort, and you mature quickly.
  • Sacrifice makes you become peace to others; they find solace and wisdom with your presence.
  • Sacrifices made are what differentiate the faithful from the halfhearted.
  • Sacrifices also include desires, attitudes and wrong doings. But the things that follow after are dulcet.
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