I Send You Out As Lambs

“Go; behold, I send you out as lambs in the midst of wolves” (Luke 10:3).

Reading this verse almost everyone feels it to refer to preachers, evangelists and pastors alone. A clue that this is not the case is the fact that Jesus did not say it to the twelve, but seventy others. Jesus is sending us a message here. Anyone who follows Him, He sends him or her out for the progression of His kingdom. Not only does He send them, but send them with a particular set of talents or gifts.

The terms lambs and wolves are strikingly opposite to one each other. Lambs denote innocence, purity and a lowly state while wolves imply attack mindedness, ferociousness and killing machines. Now, when Jesus sends someone out, the first noticeable character in that person is that of a lamb. If we don’t notice it right away, we should shortly; for no one can fake being a lamb for long. Here is an interesting thing if you are a lamb sent out: you won’t feel safe. Don’t worry the Lord is with you. You will be ridiculed, cursed, may even get hurt, laughed at, obstructed and made to feel lonely by the wolves. And because of it you may sometimes even wish death upon yourselves. But just know that He Himself is facing them in you. A positive sign of this is you doubly know you’ve been sent by Christ. Again, if you ever wonder whether someone is truly sent, you will see for yourselves that he or she has endured wolves and still is. They cannot hide it, for their scars become visible to you by their existence, words and deeds.

When Jesus sends you out, don’t think it to be to someplace else. It’s not always the case. The idea of sending out is asking you to take a step which you never did. You could be a mother or father, wife or husband, or a member of the family needed to guide your people into the Lord. Still, wait until He sends you out lest you quickly fall to defeat or to other things severely denting your composure. He told them and so too will He tell you. And here is the best asset you can have when sent out so you don’t have to falter, fear or be ashamed – Christ the Son of God with gifts. I can call to memory my mother as I write this. Her need to endure began from our home and then at many other places. Yet, she did not breathe her last as a failure. It will be the case in all whom Christ sends out who hold fast to the truth until the end.

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