God’s Elect

The work of Satan is distinctive toward God’s elect. It is more personal. It is quite the opposite of his work on those that are not the elect. There is no difficulty for him to work upon the unelected or unbelievers as they are solely under his control and with his choice weapon, sin. All people born of man and woman Read More

God’s Eventual Choice

“She heeded no voice, She accepted no instruction. She did not trust in the LORD, She did not draw near to her God” (Zeph. 3:2). This was the word the Lord God spoke regarding Judah, His chosen tribe. It was the time when His choice of Judah as a chosen tribe was coming to an end. By now the rest of Read More

The Decisive Factor

The factor that confirms a man or woman as Christian is growth in respect to salvation. Scores of people claim to be Christians, but only those that continually grow in respect to salvation are confirmed as the children of God. For to a man or woman the assurance of belonging to Christ comes only from their growth in Read More


Christians have a unique advantage over the rest of the world. The advantage lies in the fact that their longing for the things of this world is second only to their longing for the day of the Lord. They rather forfeit the things of this world in order to receive the blessings necessary for the day of the Lord. For this Read More

Possess Life

The opinion of possessing life to the world is one dimensional. Whenever people speak of life and its entities, it is always related to the life they can achieve and take pleasure in. Man sees life from his perspective. For him to have a good life or a true life is to possess all the things he needs and desires for a Read More

Sin Intoxicates

Sin intoxicates man to perform transgressions. To intoxicate for the purpose of unrighteousness is the nature of sin. Man who is born pure eventually becomes sinner before God. Sin works at various levels in man and makes him utterly undesirable to God. A man with sin is like a man with wine. He is like a man in a drunken Read More

Two Things

Two things are absolutely necessary for a man to be successful in life. They are wisdom and power. Without these it is impossible for him to even scale the smallest of small heights. Human beings are born with certain wisdom and power that allows them to perform varieties of activities. Yet, this does not enable them Read More

Line of Flax

“So He brought me there; and behold, there was a man whose appearance was like the appearance of bronze, with a line of flax and a measuring rod in his hand; and he was standing in the gateway” (Ezek. 40:3). The judgments of God are determined. The days of Ezekiel saw the judgments of God upon the sons Read More

A Watchman

The work of a man of God is stupendous in comparison to any other work. It is a labor that calls for a greater sacrifice and because of such calling it is assigned greater responsibility. A man of God is like a watchman made ready (or chosen) to blow the trumpet at the sign of danger. It is necessary that all those who Read More

Man’s Significance

God always suffered when people translated their insolent thoughts into useless principles or into principles that produced images against Him. This suffering then made Him irate. He always knew the end result of these principles is defilement and God who is holy had no other choice, Read More