Strength And Wisdom

In order that we fulfill the Lord’s will, we ought to have a mind to work for it. It eventually helps us see the glory He prepared for us. We rejoice knowing that He is glorified. To set our minds to work for His will cannot mean working in our ways. Whatever way we choose, it must be from Him. Such a thing happens Read More

He Is Faithful

When the Lord has spoken His Word to us concerning a matter, we need not worry. This is the underlying truth about our God’s faithfulness. It is one thing to say from rote that He is faithful, yet another to have the firsthand experience of it. In the latter is present everything related to our confidence in Him. At Read More

Spiritual Ascent

Change must take place in a way that God is glorified. It must take place in each one’s heart and then a collective effort to cause a change is possible. For this reason also, gathering together as an assembly to worship God is important for believers. It puts the mind of God into perspective. Many claim to have changed, Read More

God’s Descendants

How may we liken the calling of God to Christians? It is like this: “But let no one enter the house of the LORD except the priests and the ministering Levites; they may enter, for they are holy. And let all the people keep the charge of the LORD” (2 Chron. 23:6). We know the Lord God calls believers Read More

Spirit-Guided Conscience

How confident are you before the Lord regarding your conscious? It is a very important question that needs to be answered. In answering it your relationship to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit is defined in the heavenly places. Confidence concerning your conscience can stem from a variety of things, but its primary Read More

The Holy Spirit

There are certain things about God that we should know to understand His Word and particularly His promises. Firstly, we should full well know that He is a God who knows man’s heart thoroughly. We should know He does not show partiality, none whatsoever. We should know He desires His promises bear fruit in His children Read More

The Power In The Name

The name Jesus Christ is not just any name as many see it. It is the Name in which the power of the God of heaven and earth lives. By it all things are possible. Many make it their custom to regard it as an obstruction and insult to their life. Nevertheless, the Name itself is able to change lives, times and circumstances. Read More

A Heart That Yearns

The Lord God blesses us and has indeed blessed us in many ways. Throughout our life we have seen a generous portion of His favor upon us. None of us can deny this from the day we believed Him to become His children. He is constantly on the look out to care for us. He dedicates His everything to bring happiness into our Read More

From Within The Hearts

I have made it a binding in my life to always honor the Lord. Did you? I found out that there is great satisfaction and confidence in glorifying Him. One of the reasons behind it is to find His favor. I do it acknowledging that He is my God and my Savior, who gave me eternal life; I realize that in His hands there is Read More

“Whatever He Says To You, Do It”

As children of God our life should always revolve around Jesus. There should be no second thoughts about it. Yet, what makes it happen? One thing that must obviously come to our mind is obeying Him at all costs. This will have great rewards. For this we should first measure our obedience toward Him; measure it in a manner Read More