Strive to Be Worthy

God comes to our aid no matter the variableness of the situation. He is known for it. The only reason He does it is He unfathomably loves us. We ourselves cannot measure His lovingkindness toward us, except to be in awe and praise of it. We do face various circumstances that put varying pressures on us. They weigh us Read More

The Promises of The Lord

The promises of the Lord are firm. When He gives us His Word concerning a matter, it will have no other meaning except that which He places in us through His Spirit. We may assume a hundred different outcomes to it due to any reasoning of the mind; we may even begin to lessen our faith in it through waiting on it, but Read More

God’s Favor

Why does God favor His children? When does He favor them? One of His fine qualities is His ability to apply His mind to remember them. He always has a positive mind toward them. We who are His children can be sure of it. No matter the circumstances He will aid us. Sometimes it is He who gives us ways to take that causes Read More

His Power is Amazing

How do you assess the power of God? What do you think of God when you think of His power? Have you been a recipient of His power in any way? What can it be or do to anyone that rely on Him? Or, are you simply not privy to it? These are questions as believer you can answer. If you cannot answer them at the moment, you Read More

An Essential Aspect

Prayer is one of the most important features of a Christian’s life. Life cannot progress without it. It is an act to establish a relationship with God. It enables us to understand Him from the Word. As our relationship with Him determines the genuineness in our prayers, the genuineness in our prayers determines their Read More

Listen to God

Listening to God is an exceptional quality. By paying attention to everything He instructs us from the Word, we not only subject ourselves to Him, but also lay the path to reap the fruit of obedience. God is thrilled when we listen to Him in all matters. The principal effect of it is we conform to His will, plan and wisdom. Read More

Probing God

Our relationship with God determines our confidence and trust in Him. If we do not perceive the proportionality in it, we may often see Him not working for us and are depressed. God always wants to work for us and in more ways than we could imagine. It is our response to His desire that changes everything. When we are Read More

Conforming to God’s Design

Great changes take place for heeding the gospel. By paying attention to God’s message our inner man conjoins the Spirit to make changes for the better. The gospel is the message of salvation, which includes teachings, instructions, warnings and rewards. Adhering to these brings change into our life that suits us. People Read More

God’s Wish

God intends to give us joy. He does not look to delay His help to us. Even in testing times He is not avert to helping us; rather, He is eager to help us. One of the things we should consider doing to receive His help is distance ourselves from the things He hates. Doing works alone does not suffice. We miss His help Read More

The Happy Ones

Our soul is an emotional being. It goes through many emotions in a life time. They include the happy ones and the sad ones. When we are happy, we stand tall. Our attitude too is positive. We are energized for all the things that must be done. We show eagerness to do good things. Happiness is an emotion that every human Read More