A Magnificent Journey

The life of God’s children is a journey toward eternal life. It is a magnificent journey, a conglomeration of many events. It has many ingredients such as joy, peace, sorrow, weaknesses, transgressions, unbelief, belief, pardonable sin and glory. No true believer in Christ will have missed any of the above before entering Read More

Entitled to Receive

If you are serving the Lord, you are entitled to His reward. One does not have to be a pastor or a biblical teacher to serve Him. You do not have to hold a biblical degree to serve Him. Serving Him requires His calling to do whatever He asks you to do in His time, will and guidance. Furthermore, every believer serves Read More

A Virtue from Generations

How often do you consult the Lord? Do you seek His counsel at the onset of every situation? Many seek His counsel occasionally and in most cases seek it in haste. The weight of the situation or the lack of practice in seeking Him does not allow them to patiently consult Him. Others seek Him, but for the sake of fulfilling Read More

God’s Provision

God provides each man certain knowledge called common sense right from his birth. It would be impossible for man to mature without God placing this knowledge in him. It is like this – a tree does not appear without first planting a seed. Such small seed is necessary even for a large tree to exist. Even so, mankind born Read More

Repentance Leading to Salvation

In the days of Ezra, the priest, King Cyrus ordered that the temple of the God of heaven and earth be rebuilt. This was in accordance to what God has put in his mind, a man who is foreign to the Law and to the true God! In the following days God also called Nehemiah who joined Ezra in the rebuilding of Jerusalem. The Read More

The Mighty and the Trustworthy

The Lord God has a watchful eye over us, because we are His children. When He called us, He did it in His will and wisdom so that we do not come short of fulfilling His purpose. No matter who we were and how, when He chose us for His Son, we are the most benefitted people on earth owing to His indispensable nature. It Read More

Godly Maturity

Godly maturity is an invaluable asset. In the present days it is of absolute necessity. There is only one way to attain it and it is by an intimate relationship with God and Christ. When each believer individually maintains a personal relationship with them, they grow into becoming godly people. God’s wisdom, prudence, Read More

The Strong In Faith

How strong and good is our faith? Sometimes it can be measured by the way we act toward our brethren. Having faith not only means focusing on God, but also to view how He views personals and things. God even tests our faith through our dealings with our fellow brethren so that we understand where we stand in relation Read More

Stirred In the Spirit

What do you do when the Lord opens a new door for you? Do you go take it trusting Him or are you pushed off by fear? The Lord God is very gracious to His children. His loving kindness toward us has no bounds. He is always keen to lead us into better and greater things. He has given us His Spirit as a down payment so we Read More

The Wisdom of Righteousness

Pain, agony and fear are all weapons of the enemy employed to harm us. They appear to delink us from our relationship with God. They work to overwhelm us that we should not trust God as our true Helper. They create doubts in our hearts and minds concerning the promises and goodness of God. Succumbing to them is forgetting Read More