Praising God

A least performed act by believers is praising God. It is not about the praise on Sundays. And those who do it just on that day are mechanical believers; they are nonchalant for true praise and do not pocket the understanding and strength it brings. Praising God in Sunday worship is good and necessary. But it really means Read More

The Power in the Name

The name Jesus Christ is not just any name as many see it. It is the Name in which the power of the God of heaven and earth lives. By it all things are possible. Many make it their custom to regard it as an obstruction and insult to their life. Nevertheless, the Name itself is able to change lives, times and circumstances. Read More

Jesus Has Called You

We are vessels made for God’s glory. Once we are bought by Him we begin to live and work under the Master and Lord of all things. Our life itself revolves around Him. God is in everything related to our life. The more desirous we are for Him, the more and more He partners with us and participates in our life journey. Read More

The Key to living a Secure Life

Understanding Jesus is the key to living a secure life. It has untold peace. Usually, He can be understood to an extent by anyone reading His commands and lifestyle. However, to understand Him as our High priest, Savior and friend summons for a deeper and personal understanding. And He does make it quite possible for Read More

The Greatest in God’s Kingdom

Ask any believer if he or she wants to be highly appreciated and blessed by God and the answer will be no less than an emphatic yes. They want overflowing blessings and they will tell you the areas in need. They want Him to value them right away; they will tell of all things they did, been doing and will do in His name. Read More

I Want You to Realize

The wisdom of God is really unfathomable. It is certainly directed in love. Sometimes we wonder why He does the things He does or act the way He does. We don’t have all the answers, of course, but we still feel at certain moments that it would be nice to know it all. If God is to save those who would eventually believe Read More

Follow the Lord

Obedience to God is by a certain reason. If that reason is not with us, no matter what we do or aim to do, it is not obeying Him. Many times we see people take decisions to follow the Lord, to seek and glorify Him with all their heart, and yet, end up not doing them. They made decisions toward full obedience, and they Read More

Being Spiritual

Being spiritual on a daily basis makes us useful to God’s kingdom. There is no doubt we absolutely benefit personally from it and it is a precursor to becoming a tool for the Kingdom. The benefit is having every spiritual blessing from God along with the less significant ones. It is true God calls believers for works. Read More

A Noble Act

A good number of times growing up in the Lord or in relation to salvation is by the discipline of God. We have to accept it. God disciplines us for a wrong doing after having patiently waited on us; and we all test Him more than and more often than we should. He expects us to realize and return to Him first, but when Read More

God Has Never Forsaken Us

Saved by grace through faith is a fantastic and perpetual outcome. There is no permanent separation from God. Though through our negligence at one time or another sin takes a higher ground in our life, the Lord will eventually turn our lives around for His glory. For when He has bought us with a ransom and brought us Read More