Demonstrating Unrighteousness

God uninterruptedly demonstrates He is sovereign and almighty. He does it for the righteous abundantly and for the unrighteous righteously. He is not in a position to shy from it. When believers measure themselves by the standard of righteousness He set for them, they know that this is true. One thing is a constant, i.e. Read More

His Power is Amazing

How do you assess the power of God? What do you think of God when you think of His power? Have you been a recipient of His power in any way? What can it be or do to anyone that rely on Him? Or, are you simply not privy to it? These are questions as believer you can answer. If you cannot answer them at the moment, you Read More

A Deeper Intimacy With God

A deeper intimacy with God has tremendous benefits. We can often find it difficult to maintain a pure and undivided relationship with God, if we allow it. And there are reasons for it. There are so many weaknesses of the flesh that often hinder our relationship with Him. Many of them can be avoided when we realize it Read More