The Right Approach

No one should consider himself as worthy before the Lord. For His lovingkindness and faithfulness toward us shows we have received more than we deserve and expected. Our works cannot make us worthy before Him, but the realization of who we are before Him allows Him to treat us as worthy. Often church-goers consider various Read More

Salt for Food

It is natural we turn to the Lord in times of hardships. It is also acceptable to remind Him of them to find relief. Yet, there is one thing we must do that our turning to Him gives confidence for His mercy. By it our supplications become pleasing to Him. It is the ingredient many fail to use; it is like salt for food. Read More

Degree of Obedience

How far can a believer go to demonstrate his or her obedience to God? Or, how much can one obey the Lord? Have you considered your degree of obedience to God? Everyone must evaluate frequently to see where we stand in our obedience to Him. Doing so means, we are willing to be on the track God designed for us. Also, we Read More