The Promises of The Lord

The promises of the Lord are firm. When He gives us His Word concerning a matter, it will have no other meaning except that which He places in us through His Spirit. We may assume a hundred different outcomes to it due to any reasoning of the mind; we may even begin to lessen our faith in it through waiting on it, but Read More

God’s Favor

Why does God favor His children? When does He favor them? One of His fine qualities is His ability to apply His mind to remember them. He always has a positive mind toward them. We who are His children can be sure of it. No matter the circumstances He will aid us. Sometimes it is He who gives us ways to take that causes Read More

Apart From Sin

What can we expect with God at our side? It is common that believers have varying expectations from Him. And it is not wrong, if they are according to His will. But, as His children, there are special things we can certainly expect to be filled with throughout our life. In fact, He has made us His children and longs to Read More