Pressing In Faith

Blockades appear in life when we walk by faith. It may even appear at those times that our obedience to God has discrepancies. But, the Lord will eventually relieve us by our sincere trust in Him. Blockades appear from many directions. Because we tune ourselves to the will and fear of God, we naturally become the enemies Read More

Probing God

Our relationship with God determines our confidence and trust in Him. If we do not perceive the proportionality in it, we may often see Him not working for us and are depressed. God always wants to work for us and in more ways than we could imagine. It is our response to His desire that changes everything. When we are Read More

Choose God

How good is your trust in the Lord? We can know whether or not we are wholly trusting in Him. Often believers say they trust in Him, but do not do it fittingly. Trusting in the Lord is not a statement. It is an event. It is an event in which the Lord also judges and justifies us. There are times when trusting in Him seems Read More