An Awesome God

Our God is an awesome God. We heard this phrase and said it many times. Truly, He is awesome, since He works His character among men. He is holy, just and righteous. In that it means He is with truth and nothing else. Both to unbelievers and believers He is the same. He is impartial and mindful of keeping men from destroying or annulling the absolute truth that relays His unquestionable principles. He does not let a wrong doing go beyond a limit. Hence, we who have believed Him can have tremendous confidence in Him.

When God wants men to stop doing something He does not like, when He wishes to put an end to something or when He decides to turn events, He does the following among men. “He opens their ear to instruction, and commands that they return from evil” (Job. 36:10). How awesome it is to know His power and ability! He did it with the Gentile nations, with King David and others, in the days of Nehemiah and Ezra. He commanded Balaam not to curse Israel, His blessed children. He often does it with people and with His children that take on a different trail. He sets a point beyond which they are not allowed to do according to their wish. In His wisdom He does it so that wickedness or sin has limits and righteousness and justice prevail. By this we can take strength to take hold of the following assurances about Him.

  • He does not let injustice last forever.
  • His Righteousness, truth and promises always come out victorious.
  • He always keeps an eye on His children; never lets them drift too far away from Him.
  • At an unexpected time He does awesome and glorious things that we are relieved, and confirms that He alone is the Supreme Being.
  • Once He speaks it will certainly happen. In grief we may seek Him about an issue several times, but His word/promise He will never change; for He can cause the turn of events.
  • We do not have to fret or worry about evil and wicked people. God certainly controls them. They may seem to be winning, but a sudden event from Him is all it takes for things to turn our way.
  • He has set boundaries to the activities of Satan too. And a mere man cannot perpetually gain the upper hand against His children.
  • All we must do is follow His mind, trust Him and station ourselves.
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