Articulating Faith

It is good to check the nature of our faith from time to time. It not only helps us see where we are with Christ, but also to see who and what He can be to us on a regular basis. While living a busy lifestyle in these current times it is possible to get pulled into emotions and circumstantial life and lessen the importance of receiving freely from Jesus. We all know Jesus does amazing things. Just like that! Yet, how well we tap into His power always depends on how well we articulate our faith in Him to ourselves. To express faith in Him to ourselves is a deliberate act built on truth about Him. It is thinking Him as God, Savior and Guide.

We know Jesus, His teachings and works. We never dispute them. But it is less than agreeing them when we don’t tap into His ability and love toward us. Many times people do not wish to seek Him for matters they deem as simple, small or doable. As bizarre are it may sound one kind of thinking is why bother Him for everything; the other kinds are laziness and the false notion that says ‘we don’t have to when we know what we can do.’ But this is the very thing God does not want from us, because it doesn’t do Him any good. In fact, He knows that such thinking eventually makes progress in us to miss His abundant life. Who is to say how a matter ends, or its path or its length? Once we begin to say we can handle it, Satan protests our mind to do the same for all matters. Soon we begin to lose courage and strength and become fearful and insecure. But, we must be just like little children, who for everything seek parents.

If we articulate our faith in Him to ourselves, we can actually end up solving matters easily, calmly and often quickly. “And a woman who had been suffering from a hemorrhage for twelve years, came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His cloak; for she was saying to herself, ‘If I only touch His garment, I will get well’” (Matt. 9:20-21). And there things we should start off with.

  • We should not only gather facts about Jesus, but hold them in us.
  • View Him just as the woman suffering from a hemorrhage.
  • No matter how uncomfortable or busy a life we lead we must make time to tap into His power just as the woman who made her way to Him through the crowd.
  • By pointing our faith to Jesus alone, we make that time.
  • Say to ourselves – if I only tell Him my mind, it will be well.
  • Speak less to people and more to Christ. In this way we actually spend more time with Him and our faith becomes effective.
  • Having the knowledge of Jesus doing works in our lives is added incentive, but even if it is lacking, one can always start from the Word for it.
  • Keep away from falsified faith. It is based on feelings, thoughts, tradition and works. It will never have anything to do with faith in Christ.
  • Make sure our faith is unadulterated or is not double minded.
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