Are You Changing Lanes?

Much has been happening in the Christian communities and churches these days that is not projecting God in the right manner. This has become the core problem for gospel progression. Too many works apart from the Spirit; added to this are the proclamations without the Spirit, a combination resulting in the core problem. While Read More

The Beauty of God

Why are people often mistaken regarding God? The question goes to Christians as well, perhaps more so to them. Reasoning is good, but reasoning in human wisdom that spouts from human nature makes people, even Christians understand God in the wrong sense. The problem in not being able to understand God lies strictly in not understanding the Scriptures Read More

Demonstrating Unrighteousness

God uninterruptedly demonstrates He is sovereign and almighty. He does it for the righteous abundantly and for the unrighteous righteously. He is not in a position to shy from it. When believers measure themselves by the standard of righteousness He set for them, they know that this is true. One thing is a constant, i.e. Read More

God’s Trusted Servant

Entertaining sin will eventually bring failure in life. It is true that all men sinned and that believers too become imperfect if not for the blood of Christ. However, men that entertain sin do so deliberately. They predetermine in their hearts to work against morality. All people that sin without Christ fearlessly continue Read More

The Truth

“But I tell you the truth, it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him to you” (John 16:7).

Imagine a situation where you are in dire need and someone just comes along the way to your aid. There’s no telling how joyful you feel; your Read More

Something Very Uncommon

There is something very uncommon about the Lord Jesus Christ; uncommon not as in peculiar, but very interesting and excavating. He does things out of this world! Such idiomatic expression is used to exaggerate an act that someone did. However, we couldn’t do it in the case of Jesus, because He literally does it. Look Read More

The Appearance of God’s Glory

Sin has become the greatest cause for man to be separated from God. He did not merely separate from Him, but was cut off from everything that is His. Consequently, he lost the most valuable things and became a body that seeks the things that give him hardship and pain. When the first man sinned, he not only lost purity Read More

Follow God’s Lead

God wishes we follow His lead throughout our dwelling days on earth. For this reason, He strives with us on a constant basis by His Spirit. He fights with our sinful nature to strengthen our inner man for wisdom and justice. Each time we turn away from sin or trample our sin nature we please Him for His effort in us. Read More