Coming to the Father

“Jesus said to him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me” (John 14:6).

These words of Jesus are ignored by many church-goers as well as ministers of the word. Yet, they are and have everything we need. We can achieve nothing apart from them. And if there’s anything achieved apart from them, it is bound to fade away or collapse. For if one’s way is of the world, his or her truth by the world and life of the flesh, any success or the path to success eventually brings dissatisfaction and sadness. It is without eternal rewards implying that there is nothing to look forward to after this life.

When Jesus said He is the way, He not only meant He alone has the means to eternity but also that He has all the right decisions to succeed in our life. Often believers and even ministers choose their own ways to sustain in this world and then wish to bring Him into their lives. Hence, their lives are often filled with dissatisfaction. When we truly choose Him as the way, we have chosen Him to give us ways to achieve various things in life. He makes us achieve them in accordance with His mind and makes us fruitful.

When He said He is the truth, there is no other truth that matches Him. Hence, no matter how many arise with knowledge in the name of truth they are eventually shamed. These also include the preachers of the word; their falsity cannot weigh up to Jesus’ truth. Again, when He said He is the truth, He delivers the nature as well as the outcome of any situation when sought upon. His directions never fail. His promises never fail. His teachings never fail.

When He said He is the life, we no longer need to worry about ourselves. We do not have to regard death and the fears born of death. This is the unique identity of a practicing Christian. His life in us will survive us.

We must all go to the Father on a daily basis. Yet, many wish to go to Him and speak of going to Him without having the knowledge and the practice of going to Him. While the basic knowledge of going to the Father through Jesus alone has been foreign to some, some have distorted it. To go to the Father through Jesus requires the essence of the way, truth and life Jesus offers. Hence, when one goes to Jesus first for and in all matters, he or she goes to the Father, because the Father loves the Son.

Posted in 2018, Interpretations.