Experiencing His Justice

God does not miss His mark. He never does injustice. When men feel the opposite, they were quick to think He should act right away. It is this thinking that leads them to feel He is not for them at all times, has ignored them or in some cases delaying beyond necessary. Thus, give way to self-dependence and devil’s schemes. When we are in need or in trouble God acts and in His time. Sometimes He acts right away, but we shouldn’t confuse it for every situation. Firstly, God has infinite wisdom, which is complete. He knows all conditions before the end product of His work or act appears. Because He is perfect, He can only carry out an act or justice perfectly; there can be no disputes, bias or loop holes in it. Our actions and the situations we face call for His interference. When we seek Him, He hears and begins work to accomplish our petitions. By the time He’s done we feel great joy. He intends it for us. It is for this reason we are often amazed and cannot refrain from thanking Him for the manner of His conduct toward us.

As a believer one may feel compelled to confess He is never unjust. But to feel like it without actually experiencing His justice is betraying self; God too is not proud of it. And it is for this reason many church-goers are restricted only to words to speak of His greatness; inwardly they are without true appreciation for Him. They speak of His greatness, but fear relying on it and do things on their own. On the contrary, if we believe, this is true of Him – “And I heard the altar saying, ‘Yes, O Lord God, the Almighty, true and righteous are Your judgments’” (Rev. 16:7). There are constants concerning our God we should never ignore.

  • He always takes truth and righteousness into account to pass a judgment.
  • Our actions, faith, trust and obedience play an important role for Him to make judgments on our behalf.
  • Our very own weaknesses and/or sin delay or obstruct His judgments for us; He’s not to blame. But, He waits until we gain knowledge or return.
  • He constantly makes judgments for us – some of which we do not realize immediately, for they are part of His providence to us – so that we are safe and prosperous. In fact, He is eager to do them each time and quickly.
  • Because He is Almighty, He can make them come to pass. He has ways and plans of whose details are distant to us.
  • He doesn’t reveal His entire plan and hides the time of its appearance so that it remains upright and pure.
  • The timing of His judgments is always in His hands. We can never control it or should demand it because of all the details, events that have occurred and occur and because of the effect His judgment produces. We just need to believe He does the best for us.
  • Yet, He does not leave us without guidance. He makes promises and gives wisdom from the Word so that we acquire an understanding of His intentions. Thus, giving us faith and hope regarding our situations.
  • He even judges our sins either by mercy or by consequences that compels Him to bestow mercy. We learn.
  • Again, at times He delays the advent of His judgments to test and teach us. Thus, increasing our intimacy with and dependence on Him to develop the fruit of the Spirit in us.
  • By His judgments He makes us the light to world.
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