Hebrews 1:2

“In these last days has spoken to us in His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the world”

Christ is alive and God has spoken to us the living Word. He is not dead and so is His Word; the Word gives life. That which is not dead and gives life always speaks. Christ who is the Word speaks . God speaks to us through Christ. He has prepared us to exalt His name.

There nothing to be confused by the words “has spoken.” They were there, because God addressed a people who were born again (Christians) through the gospel preached in the Spirit. They simply mean He speaks and hence, “has spoken.” It means that which He began He does not cease to do. It is a reminder to continue considering His new way to us. Thus, assuring He continues to speak. Imagine if He no longer speaks – we would never have guidance, counsel and ultimately we never understand Him from the Word nor obtain His ways. That He has spoken to us in His Son means we possess an intimate relationship with Him. We understand that God never had the mind to forsake us. In the past He spoke in many ways to His people to have a people to Himself. But now He upgraded His way to speak to us, i.e. to speak in Jesus.

Life Applications: When God speaks to us in His Son,

  1. We become volunteers for the church of the living God.
  2. There will be repentance leading to salvation in those needing it.
  3. Christ will provide us all we need, things of the Spirit as well as life of abundance.
  4. We produce the right speech by that which He speaks. We are like the flute or harp that produces a distinct tone when played by a skillful performer.
  5. We gain confidence to move forward in life.
  6. Fear, a devastating weapon of Satan, will not overcome us.
  7. He continually relieves us from all our pains and troubles.
  8. We surely obtain a suitable and acceptable response to our queries.
  9. We receive His promises from the Word regarding our desires.
  10.  He makes us as well as the world through us know the power of believing in Him.
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