Let God Perform Everything for Us

None of us, not even Israel in the wilderness, actually know how food fell from heaven except that it was an act of God. We know that food as manna. What started it all? Israel did not have food to eat and they complained to Moses. Moses then fell before God and earnestly prayed, and God answered him. The next morning there was food on the ground to eat for the whole nation of Israel. It was pleasantly tasteful. All Moses did was pray, because there was nothing else he could do, and the rest happened. Often people want to do or plan out something from desire, necessity or wishful urgency. Wondering how to begin or implement it, and not knowing how, they begin with the hope that God would somehow help out in due course of time. To them it is doing it first without active consultation with God.

On the other hand, God’s servants never took matters into their hand and if one did, it resulted in dissatisfaction or loss. Jesus said, “The soil produces crops by itself; first the blade, then the head, then the mature grain in the head” (Mark 4:28). The farmer only plants the seed; that’s all he knows and there’s nothing else he could do, but the rest is the work of the soil. Let’s make a note of this verse and see what it teaches us.

  1. No matter what we do or wish to do God has to first prepare the ground for it.
  2. God must provide the exact things for our plans and ways work.
  3. Unless it is God’s will for us to do that which we sought to do, we will not succeed.
  4. Being sure that which we do is God’s will brings joy.
  5. If God didn’t call us for/to a specific act, there surely wouldn’t be any ground for it to flourish.
  6. We would be wasting time, energy, even money and put our focus elsewhere if we are working where God has not set His supply for us.
  7. On the other hand, when we first approach God for anything we desire or need and it is in His interest at that moment so that we do not suffer, we have taken the first and the most important step to obtain something which will be glorious, satisfactory, effective, praise worthy and of peace.
  8. When we feel like we know what to do, consider that we know nothing.
  9. Always do something only when we know we achieve success with our minimum effort. This is to say let God perform everything for us.
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