Listening to God

There is a reason sin and its offspring wickedness continues to escalate in this world. Similar is the reason for many church-goers inability to stray from the way of sinners. A wise man said, “An evildoer listens to wicked lips; A liar pays attention to a destructive tongue” (Prov. 17:4). The flesh owing to its sin-nature is such an entity that its inquisitiveness is for the matters improper to heaven. It is what we decide to do that defines us as wicked or righteous. A man’s desire is for unrighteousness until he rejects and cuts off ties with the ways of the wicked. No one of the flesh has the right knowledge to choose righteousness, for his or her inherent nature drives them to wickedness. So, however hard one may try his eventual choice is to listen to wicked lips and a destructive tongue. He can neither realize righteousness to seek a righteous man’s advice nor can he ward off the inbuilt appeal to listen to people with the same inherent qualities. It is here that a righteous person, one made righteous by faith in God, shows the ability to decide over the nature of the flesh with the ability acquired from God. Every Christian believing to have been saved must act by the ability received from God to choose between the righteous and the wicked. This saves them from agonizing pain and disheartening moments. They should make certain notes for it.

  1. Trust God to always help us recognize the wicked. This requires the act of
  2. Not choosing aids according to our mind and instincts.
  3. Since being made righteous makes lying loathsome to us, we must be able to voluntarily exercise confidence in recognizing a destructive tongue to stay away from it.
  4. If we are leaning to the things that bring no joy in heaven, we ought to note the fact that an inherent or an acquired sin of ours is overpowering us.
  5. When we cannot nullify it from overpowering us, we ought to immediately seek God’s help so that we do not receive the severe consequences.
  6. Making sure that our desires are not from unrighteousness.
  7. Always being diligent in seeking the right knowledge from heavenly Father.
  8. Having the craving to display the ability to decide over the nature of the flesh.
  9. Listening to God from His Word on a daily basis to keep ourselves from the desire to listen to a wicked and a destructive tongue. This fulfills all righteousness.
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