Psalm 5:3

“In the morning, O LORD, You will hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch” (Ps. 5:3).

God is always ready and waiting to hear our prayer. Many times we do not realize how important it is to pray on a daily basis. Usually we tend to pray when we are in distress, have faced an unbearable situation or when time permits. But this was not David’s practice. He knew from practice that if he prayed to the Lord every morning, he can have the calmness necessary for the day. He knew the significance of submitting all things to His control. He knew from conversing with Him that he will be heard.

There are benefits to praying to God in deep quietness, i.e. every morning.

  • We learn how to pray and what to ask for; God through His Spirit leads us to them
  • The substance of our prayer suits God’s interest; we clearly speak our mind to Him
  • We can make known all our desires to Him and understand He only has the best for us in mind
  • We can eliminate the thoughts and desires that are deceptive and harmful to us.
  • By spending time with Him we acquire the holiness that allows us to see life and matters from His perspective
  • We acquire the mind of God and therefore, a deeper understanding of His presence with us
  • We obtain strength to focus on the Word and receive from it
  • Because we will be in the Spirit, we can be sure God will answer or bring about that which we petitioned to Him
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