All The Words

The resolution to do all that the Lord has said is a very strong quality. It gives the determination to listen to the Lord and adhere to His words. A person with it fears moving away from it. He knows there is life and security by it. The proof of it is the works of the Lord for him. Read More

God’s Wish

God intends to give us joy. He does not look to delay His help to us. Even in testing times He is not avert to helping us; rather, He is eager to help us. One of the things we should consider doing to receive His help is distance ourselves from the things He hates. Doing works alone does not suffice. We miss His help Read More

A No-Brainer

We are allowed to remind God of our affliction. He knows our affliction and does not forget it. However, many times we are compelled to feel our affliction, owing to our striving in faith, is not fading away. We even begin to think whether God is noticing it. At these times He allows His Spirit to lead us to remind Him Read More

We Can

As believers of the almighty God we can experience greater peace, joy and comfort. It is by having a steadfast heart. Greater joy, peace and comfort signify our deeper trust and confidence in God. They are greater when they are never out of our heart. They are increasingly present in any and all our circumstances. In Read More

Apart From Sin

What can we expect with God at our side? It is common that believers have varying expectations from Him. And it is not wrong, if they are according to His will. But, as His children, there are special things we can certainly expect to be filled with throughout our life. In fact, He has made us His children and longs to Read More

Devout Christians

Believers are called to do the things God desires from them. Unless they devote themselves to do as He desired they cannot accomplish them. Many Christians show interest to do works for God, but end up not having the will for them. Some begin them, but do not complete them; others do them, but not as God desired. Those Read More