Then Satan Answered The Lord…

“The LORD said to Satan, ‘Where have you come from?’ Then Satan answered the LORD and said, ‘From roaming about on the earth and walking around on it’” (Job 2:2).

This discourse between God and Satan shows they both converse with each other with God’s people as the focal point. It is clear that Satan sees his opportunity to challenge God by appearing among His sons. To appear among God’s children is his only way to appear before Him and be unharmed, as he is in the place of his banishment. The verse as well as the context makes it candid that the sons are God’s children who obey Him, worship and serve Him.

The work of Satan is seen here. He roams, i.e. wanders about the earth and walks around on it, a result of his curse. It implies he is with a constant mind to be among God’s children and is always interested in seeking an opportunity against them. The Lord’s question as to where he came from indicates that He notices him among His people, knows his intentions and that his presence among His children does not fit with who he is. In fact, Satan too wants to be noticed with a view to seek an allowance from God against His people. The only time Satan comes this far is when he has failed in all his tricks against God’s elect. He is not concerned with unbelievers or the half-hearted believers; he does not need to fret because of them. But, there will always be some among the sons of God who withstand him at all cost and being unable to bear it he makes the bold attempt to appear before God. This is evident from the witness Job received from God. God knew Satan is particularly interested in Job. Yet, he didn’t get his wish fulfilled without God being wiser than him. God prevailed!

It is not as if Job is sinless, but that he attained to a perfect state of obedience to God with an uncompromising attitude to accept His ways. Each one of us can come to that state regardless of our past. Then the intolerability of Satan will allow God to be wiser than him.

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