Who Can Inquire God?

How do you know what is God’s will for you regarding a matter? How can you be certain that God has given you something you asked or blessed you with it? How can you know what you are doing or the belief you have concerning a matter is of God and that it is pleasing to Him? How do you know your work which is for your benefit and for God’s kingdom will surely be accomplished regardless of situations? And how do you know your choice is right? There is answer to all these questions in the Bible. Because in the olden days people found out that God gave them guidance and direction concerning every matter they sought Him. When they received from Him, they were utterly confident of having satisfaction and joy. No obstacle perpetually stopped them from possessing that which they sought of God. They knew it as if they were with foreknowledge. They said, “When you enter, you will come to a secure people with a spacious land; for God has given it into your hand, a place where there is no lack of anything that is on the earth” (Jud. 18:10).

Reading the context related to the passage we find that they found a Levite who can inquire God. However, that is not the only aspect. They knew God would answer a Levite, one separated for ministering to God. A Levite is an absolute guarantee for them for finding God’s will. Furthermore, when they went to the place where the tribe of Dan was to settle, they knew right away it was theirs. God not only led them in the way, but from the appearance of the place also confirmed it to them. They knew victory is theirs. So, what makes you think God answers you? Do you even believe He answers you by the Word and by the wisdom of His Spirit? In the Christian dispensation no believer is distinct from another in that all are Levites to God (1 Pet. 2:9). Each one is called to minister to God by the measure God gives them (Rom. 12:3). It is understood from the Word that we are all members of one body (1 Cor. 12:27). So, as a Levite in Christ God answers your queries. We are aware of the first things, i.e. inquiring God than trusting our mind; and believe in that which we received from Him. And here are some important notes to keep while pursuing them.

  • Being sure you are a Levite in Christ, i.e. you have a measure from God, not education, degrees, honors, reputations or hallucinations, but that which defines your purpose for serving Him
  • Working in that measure through obedience so that the sphere of the measure given you is increasing in all directions
  • Never think of walking away from the belief you received from God concerning an issue so that you do not repudiate what has been reckoned to you as His righteousness.
  • Know that once your belief is credited to you as righteousness it cannot be undone by any man, power or circumstance
  • Though you face many a storm the righteousness is your power for your victory. So, make sure you were made righteous by the Word you received for the matter you sought so that the Spirit works His wisdom in you
  • In order that you be made righteous your inquiry of God must come by the measure given you
  • Know that God desires to see you rejoice fully
Posted in 2017, Notes.