People’s Estimation of You

“And David realized that the LORD had established him as king over Israel, and that his kingdom was highly exalted, for the sake of His people Israel” (1 Chron. 14:2).

The above verse shows we have a role as God’s choice people. As already known every believer has a purpose in God’s choice. God first seeks to establish us for the work He purposed us. Each one of us will be aware of the work. Though we are aware of it, we are to work with Him until He fully prepares us for it. Many serve God without first being established by Him. Yet, since they profess an establishment that is of this world in the form of knowledge, riches and reputation they continue in their choice work. Only those who are amazed by their stature are impressed by them. These also profess to be established just as their leaders by which they were impressed. In such establishment there is no eternal security which comes from God.

So, as believers what can we learn from today’s passage?

  1. Listen to God and walk with Him for as long as He deems it necessary. In other words, persevere to be well established with God’s choice substance.
  2. Though you feel dismayed and worried at how things are going or at the length of time spent, do not let anything or anyone make you lose heart.
  3. Rather trust God with His word, which you must meditate each day, so that you are revived for His will toward you. He has chosen you to not neglect you until He establishes you.
  4. You will know the Lord established you once He begins to reap from you. All things begin to fall into place and defeat fears you.
  5. You name and fame will be of Him and men will recognize you as of Him. You will be distinguished from the rest.
  6. Because of your highly esteemed work for which God strived with you, you refrain from losing sight of it.
  7. Your fame is wrought in handling all things according to God’s mind.
  8. Feigned lifestyle, double-mindedness, inconsistency and pride are some of things people do not relate to you.
  9. Unless you can realize God has indeed established you for His kingdom and unless you are called by Him to trust Him for it, you cannot achieve the heights He sets for His children.
Posted in 2017, Notes.