His Hand upon Me

“All this, said David, ‘the LORD made me understand in writing by His hand upon me, all the details of this pattern” (1 Chron. 28:19).

I am sure we have all at some point wondered as to how exactly God breathed Scripture to His servants. It is still amazing as to how He inspired the writers of the Bible to precision as we unquestioningly accept that all Scripture is His revelation.

The above verse shows the mechanics of God inspiring His servants to pen His will, word, plan and commands, i.e. the Scripture. David was to build a glorious temple to Him and received instructions. He later reveals how it happened. Before we go into the mechanics let us concern ourselves at how meticulous God is in giving out details. He doesn’t miss a corner. He is in depth in His dictation so that man who must obey Him is not with want. Imagine if He missed specifying a part of the pattern or a tiny detail. The man David would be short of answers and his son would not be able to build the temple to perfection. Then the temple would not even suit His holy presence. He too would not be amused by His wisdom. This in itself is a reflection of His demeanor toward the Scripture as a whole. He did not leave out anything we should know. Our regular imperfections in the flesh that stand out in the presence of His word are a proof to it.

The actual mechanics of God revealing Himself to His servant is seen in the following. ‘The LORD made me understand in writing by His hand upon me.’ Two things happened. One, only as David began to put his pen to paper God’s thoughts began entering him. As long as he was writing God guided him with His thoughts. This shows that David had to be ready in body, soul and spirit. In other words, he had to be physically and spiritually present in God’s presence. Two, God’s hand was upon him. Though David was ready in every way, he is still not all-powerful to restrain the unseen influences of evil forces upon him. Those can only be restrained by God. As he was writing God did not let any irrelevant thought or matter prevail over him. He was under the power of the Spirit that encompassed him in holiness. Thus, David wrote with ease.

This is how all the writers of the Bible compiled their manuscripts and hence, we do not doubt the word of God for what it is. Then there are his servants whom He appointed to exact His wisdom from the Word in a similar fashion. Whether they write, teach or preach, they do it by the hand of God upon them so that God’s word is not maligned, misinformed and mistaken.

The Scripture provides sufficient evidence for itself, for God and for the works of God. All external sources and evidences are pure distractions.

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