Avoid Falling in Sin

There’s a way to avoid falling in sin. It is tough and painstaking, but is nevertheless with glorious results. It is not being saved in Christ; it is not receiving God’s grace, but it is living like Christ. The apostle said, “Therefore, since Christ has suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same purpose, because he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin” (1 Pet. 4:1). How becoming! It is such a great feeling to live without reference to sin. We ourselves may have experienced it in either short or lengthy periods of time; some do it endlessly. At that time we felt like we have reached new heights, conquered new territories. It is only when sin again rose up in us that we felt weak and helpless. But until that time we didn’t look back. The reason was God in Christ worked alongside us. In all matters we walked into we were at ease, flawless in our efforts and victorious by the power, guidance and favor of the Lord. We saw the world weak and the world round us beautiful. In brief this is the effect produced by imitating Jesus Christ. And we have it in our hands to make such effect a constant appearance in our lives. Considering the fact that the Scripture speaks of its possibility let us note what we can do and make out from the passage at hand.

  1. We ought to be relentless in finding ways to cease from sin due to its harmful nature.
  2. Those ways must be born from God. Meaning, we never lose sight of meditating on the Word.
  3. The more righteousness seeps into us the difficult it is to face the world which is the preamble to suffering.
  4. With suffering we face the prospect of walking away from it, but the Word that led us to it for perseverance will make in-roads so that we do not fall.
  5. The Word teaches righteousness and with it sows perseverance.
  6. God knows that which we acquired and that which we face regarding it. Once we enter suffering He will not abandon us, because it is an issue of honor to Him.
  7. Above all, we must come to know the reason for Christ’s suffering, or else we suffer for wrong reasons with no effect.
  8. The only way to be without sin is to prepare ourselves like Christ. When the moment to suffer appears we must seize upon it.
  9. Suffering alone takes us to new horizons until we reach eternity. To reach eternity in such manner was Jesus’ purpose on earth.
  10. Sin can never accomplish the same, since it seemingly takes one to different horizons, yet with fear, entrapment, loss and uncertainty.
  11. Remember no one can ever enjoy with sin or sin itself; for its joy is full of dishonor. Rather it enjoys them until they are absolutely bereft.
  12. All disobedience is sin. But if we suffer against it, we make all obedience righteousness.
  13. All our loss through suffering will only be a gain to Christ for whom we have been called and a door for better things to us by His work in us.
Posted in 2017, Notes.