Anxiety, a Killer

Life has its usual ups and downs. We enjoy good days and worry in bad times. O, how we wish bad times vanish from before us! Anxiety is a killer. It never lets us rest in peace, and bad times cause extreme anxiety. When bad times appear we just wish they somehow end. God can make anxiety disappear no matter its measure. Our love for Him is the key to this. After Jesus’ death the women came to the tomb where He was laid to embalm Him on the first day of the week. They were in great sorrow and anxiety crippled them. At the dawn of Sunday something perplexing happened. They did not think it would happen; they did not know that their anxiety would end. “But when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus” (Luke 24:3).

Just when we do not expect God can remove our worries. It is for us to look to Him. Those women were stunned by that which they saw and later they fully understood. Similarly, we may not always understand right away how things quickly changed for our benefit. By our faith and trust in the Lord He will help us understand. So, let’s explore and see what creates such a situation.

  • Firstly, we must have the knowledge of what God wishes for us.
    • He always wishes us good, but the significant part is knowing how He personally deals with us
  • We should have a prior knowledge of His working nature, i.e. how, why and when He actually works for us.
  • We should always be looking for Him and not put our focus elsewhere.
  • We should be able to decipher the reasons behind our anxiety.
  • We should be absolutely sincere regarding those reasons.
  • We should be with the hope of imminent victory over bad times.
  • By craving for God’s interference we churn our faith for an understanding that is beyond our imagination.
  • Understanding gives the perfect knowledge of God’s working nature.
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