Being Fully Aware

Today’s verse is very easy to the eye. Yet, how many of us continue to speak of the things which we are not fully aware of? People that gossip, talebearers and those that constantly speak of things that don’t concern them cause friction. Again, many preachers and self-proclaimed teachers of the Word speak the gospel and the things concerning deeper things without having the mind of the Lord. Knowledge of the Word is entirely different from the wisdom of the Word. Most choose only the former. They do it for a quick establishment. A simple reason for it is it is easier to possess. All these fall under the words of Jesus. “And He also spoke a parable to them: ‘A blind man cannot guide a blind man, can he? Will they not both fall into a pit?’” (Luke 6:39). So, in light of this let us make some notes that we see.

  1. We are blind if the eyes of our mind do not see Jesus.
  2. Being blind to Jesus’ way and thoughts will give way to empty arguments and philosophy.
  3. Each one must be trained by Jesus besides the knowledge they possess regarding His word. This leads to attaining wisdom and sustaining it.
  4. Mere knowledge of the Word causes boasting and with it men and those they lead will fall into pit.
  5. Unity among brethren is not formed when the eyes of our hearts are blinded by the glory of the flesh.
  6. Self-made religion and doctrines cause acute blindness. Men are restrained from seeing Jesus.
  7. Mere knowledge does not set men free from fetters of burden and sin, but wisdom of the Word does.
  8. Great knowledge is attained by tremendous hard work, yet it lacks wisdom to guide.
  9. Fools see when they grasp wisdom and those with knowledge are fools for the lack of wisdom.
  10. When sin and fleshly desires become our sight, we are blind to Jesus.
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