The Lord’s Will

“The LORD will not allow the righteous to hunger, But He will reject the craving of the wicked” (Prov. 10:3).

The verse is very promising as well as encouraging for those who fear the Lord. It is very obvious in its intent and does not vacillate in telling the mind of the Lord. The righteous reading it will find solace because it depicts the astuteness of the Lord’s conduct with people. It allows them to quickly do a self-examination and feel the nearness of the Lord; for they can know they have not craved according to the mind of the wicked. The wicked do not even dare to read it as it projects their fall. Each time we reject a craving of the mind that is not the Lord’s will the Lord will not allow us to hunger. He will not leave us as orphans.

The idea that the Lord does not allow the righteous to hunger is a huge statement regarding Him. It is a promise based Word. So, He takes upon Himself the duty to sustain His children. The righteous do not hunger because at every instance of need they are satisfied and when they are not satisfied in the body, they are satisfied by the comfort He gives to their soul. The comfort they receive now is their confidence for a better future. The Lord will always take care of the righteous’ minimum amenities. How foolish are those who do not recognize it and go in search of things in this world to satisfy themselves! These are the wicked, for their cravings are greater than the Lord’s will for them.

Therefore, the wicked do not find satisfaction in life. They may find gains through their cravings, but since the Lord has not blessed them they will never give them full satisfaction. That the Lord rejects their cravings means He loathes their desires; He does not attest them. He will not always stop them from fulfilling them, but He will let their fulfillment come to pass so that they are utterly burdened and dissatisfied. It is for this reason many find themselves stuck in matters and areas that cause loss, dishonor and shame. Every man that follows his mind will never find satisfaction.

Posted in 2018, Interpretations.