How Far Should We Go?

“Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding” (Job 38:4).

It is frivolous to speak wisdom to God. It is not at all absurd to speak to Him in the wisdom He granted us. It is understanding. Job found this out through his suffering. God’s wisdom is boundless while our understanding of any matter is limited. Our understanding of ourselves too is limited as it is in a given matter. How far should we go? How much can we do? How long can we persevere? How much can we sustain? What adversities will we face? All these questions need understanding which we do not have. It exists with God alone. Furthermore, nothing we plan ahead can be accomplished unless God allows it. Bearing this in mind let us note a few things that will keep us humble and poised.

  1. There are things we do not know.
  2. At best we are naïve and to accept it is advantage when seeking God.
  3. Our understanding can be as good as our obedience to God.
  4. It is not for us to know how God does His works for us, but if He does them for us.
  5. The matters we cannot explain are found with God.
  6. It is pointless to question God in dire circumstances, since He meant them for our honor and His glory.
  7. Again, it is pointless to argue with Him concerning any matter since He begins and ends it.
  8. The things we see and understand are only a fraction of His understanding.
  9. Most of the times the things we crave to accomplish are not even of His understanding.
  10. Therefore, self-righteousness and pride are all the more foolishness and has a condescending reward.
  11. The often we explore God the more we realize the level of our understanding.
  12. Wise men like Job know when to retreat before the Almighty and those who consider themselves lesser than him should not even venture to reciprocate to their own thoughts against Him.
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