While many celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as a huge festival, there are many more that do not understand its importance. It was not an accident, but a predetermined thought of God. God did not come into this world to understand or get to know men. On the contrary, He came to free them knowing everything about them. Read More

Transformed In Christ

The Holy Spirit in God’s Kingdom has insurmountable significance. Whatever Jesus displayed to men while on earth, He does the same to all from heaven. It is in the Holy Spirit. He bestows God’s image and power to yield peace in men. He, who is the likeness of God, gives eternal life to men through the Spirit. Eternal Read More

From Now On

The Lord our God will not delay in coming to us. He longs to fulfill our needs and wishes. He is a God who knows how to satisfy us. He works in ways that are uncommon to us or that are wondrous to us. He knows that His power is beyond any limit and desires that we too know the same. He may keep us in waiting, but not Read More

Right Actions

Our Lord is always present to aid us in all the matters we seek Him. The question is not whether He can aid us, but it is whether He shows the willingness to do so. After all, it is in the Lord’s interest to show mercy on whom He wishes. For elsewhere He profoundly explained that He will have mercy and compassion on Read More

Abundant Blessings

“I heard another voice from heaven, saying, ‘Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues’” (Rev. 18:4). Who are these people the voice from heaven is referring to? They are God’s people. Are you and I His people? Then, we heed His voice. Read More

His Mightiness

Many do not come to the full knowledge of the Lord God of heaven and earth. They fail to become His people. It is evident from God’s word. Though He speaks the gospel for all to hear, only those willing to walk with Him become His people. He long ago spoke of them; He knew them in His foreknowledge. It is a delight Read More

All Things Necessary

Knowing God and the Lord Jesus Christ is a blessing. People usually do not desire to know them, because they are more eager to seek by themselves ways to harmony. Therefore, we hear of the way that is broad. Men and women often desire to be without burden and pain. They wish that some things do not happen in their life. Read More

True Intimacy

Our God is a God who is able to bring into existence that which is not in us. He does it so that we demonstrate faith in Him. An absolute belief in God neither knows nor has known any boundaries. Men who have not seen its trueness do not know God. Because the God of heaven and earth is the supreme power, believing in Read More

Your Choice

There is nothing present that escapes a man. For “The hearing ear and the seeing eye, The LORD has made both of them” (Prov. 20:12). Everything that happens around him he is aware. It is how God created him; it is a wonder of God. It is an advantage that man has both the ear to hear and the eye to Read More

Power to Discern

The mind of man is always filled with thoughts. They drive him to do various works yielding varied results. Thoughts are always present, but to discern them as right and wrong, profitable and unprofitable and wise and unwise is not in the power of man. Results determine the nature of man’s thoughts. Still, he always Read More