Your Choice

There is nothing present that escapes a man. For “The hearing ear and the seeing eye, The LORD has made both of them” (Prov. 20:12). Everything that happens around him he is aware. It is how God created him; it is a wonder of God. It is an advantage that man has both the ear to hear and the eye to see. One acts as a witness to what the other perceives and fulfills the law of confirmation. This is the reason God has made them both. Whether it is truth or lie, good or bad, acceptance or rejection when one concurs with the other, they provoke man to use his wisdom judiciously. They enlighten him that he may come to the knowledge of what is in front of him. Without them he is naïve to many things.

When God created man, He placed in him everything necessary for His glorification. When He formed him with His hands and gave him His breath, He desired that he acknowledge Him and walk with Him. He gave him ears and eyes that he hears Him and sees all His works to glorify Him. All things under the sun are known through them. They suffice man to produce the knowledge of God in him. God from the beginning desired this knowledge in man be for Him and His glory; and with it desired he perform works for Him. If the eye perceives the might of God from all His works, the ear perceives it from His word. They both work exactly as God has intended for them. There is a reason God said faith comes by hearing – because He is a God who communicates. And, there is a reason the Spirit of God elsewhere said God works miracles among men by giving Him to them – because He is a God who authors faith in them.

God never ceased to speak His word to men. Had He ceased to speak, men would not be able to glorify Him; they would not have in them the knowledge to do works for Him. And, we see Abel, who having known God and having seen His works, as pleasing Him. But, Cain having the same knowledge and seeing his brother failed to please Him. Hence, it is utterly important for Christians to realize that though their ears and eyes produce knowledge in them, it is their inner man that makes the choice to please God. If this is not so, it is preposterous for God’s wrath to fall on all the ungodly and the unrighteous. On the contrary, these have known Him, but did not choose to please Him; they suppress the truth about God. For from the beginning God has made Himself known to all through His word and works. When faith is working in the godly and God accomplishes works in them, it is knowledge to the ungodly. Remember the nation Israel, how God gave them His word and performed works based on their belief. Their benefit was not only in becoming His sons, but also in becoming His light to the nations. They glorified Him both in them and in not providing an excuse to those who rejected Him.

What does this imply? That Christians ought to first have in them the knowledge of God that provides to please Him. Then, He will use them as His knowledge to the ungodly. Your ear that hears and eye that sees are both made by Him. They perform the work He gave them i.e. when you hear the word and see His works you know He has given you His truth. When you fail to act on it, you have made your choice. For this reason, Christ said, “Yet wisdom is vindicated by all her children” (Luke 7:35). One ought to have in him the kind of truth that justifies wisdom. The truth God produces in him is the root for wisdom. Truth is not what men assume or randomly say, but is what directly comes from God into man. Having this truth means there is nothing present to divert him except when he chooses to reject it. (Hence, it is not preposterous for God’s wrath to fall on the ungodly). And, if he acts on it, he becomes His child. It is an honor to have in us the truth that vindicates God’s wisdom. God desired it for us.

As we continually justify wisdom in our bodies, we never cease to glorify God. Wisdom never fails in leading us to the right works for God. Right works call for God’s works toward us; they neither have defeat nor dishonor. They come from His word, because we have the truth; they are confirmed by His works toward us, because we believed the word. Some Pharisees in Jesus’ days lacked the truth that unites with wisdom. So, they were unable to justify it. They were polemic toward Jesus. They called Him a glutton and a drunkard, though He did not come like John the Baptist. They knew who Jesus was and who John was. The hearing ear and seeing eye God placed in them fulfilled their natural function, but they chose not to accept the truth. What God has created for His purpose cannot work against Him. They will receive their reward.

It is indeed amazing that men would reject the truth their ear and eye has given them. For what man will give the key to his house to a man who is a known thief? Will not knowledge compel him to act on the truth? He acts to save himself and his household. Even so, the churches must act on the truth to obtain wisdom, the key to please God. But, they do not fear lack of wisdom. When the truth that embraces wisdom is not in them, though they perform works, God will not rejoice in their fruit. The Spirit explicitly teaches that the hearers of the word are sons of God only when they do the word. “So the twelve summoned the congregation of the disciples and said, ‘It is not desirable for us to neglect the word of God in order to serve tables’” (Acts 6:2).

Each one ought to know the purpose of his calling. The twelve knew their purpose through Christ. So, they appointed others to serve tables. They certainly vindicated wisdom. They knew what they ought to do by the wisdom of God in them. As they were of the truth, they became free to have the thoughts of God. It is astonishing how God works in the sanctified. Because they applied His wisdom, God was pleased to work in them wherein their work neither faced defeat nor dishonor. But, how can one’s work be without defeat unless he first receives it from the Lord? How can he receive unless he has the truth, the source for wisdom? Many churches also do similar works as the twelve. But, they do not seek to understand how the twelve were able to take such decisive decisions. Still, they do them, because they are in the word and not because they are inspired from the word. The difference is huge. To do works, because they are in the word is like performing the Law, which is for the flesh. It makes churches naïve to many things of God. They have ears to hear, but do not understand and eyes to see, but do not perceive. “But whenever a person turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away” (2 Cor. 3:16).

How true is it that rejecting to act on the truth is the veil that must be removed! When they remove the veil, they become free for wisdom. This is the knowledge the ear and the eye give in performing their natural function. The Jews in Jesus’ and Paul’s time were no inferior people. And, by constantly desiring to keep their seats of honor and other things, they fought to advocate the veil. This was their rejection of Christ. They made polemic remarks toward Him. So too are many churches these days. They are often engaged in arguing what they assume to be true of the word. Instead, they ought to strive to hear and see, and let the truth of God directly enter them. If they continue in their present state, they will be the most pitied. Who will save them? Not even Christ Jesus the Lord. But let us, brethren, hold fast to the knowledge we received from God. Then, wisdom will shine Christ from us to glorify His name. For we are not naïve of His mind: “IN WHOLE BURNT OFFERINGS AND sacrifices FOR SIN YOU HAVE TAKEN NO PLEASURE” (Heb. 10:6).

Do not do for God what you desire, but let God direct you with His word to please Him. Then, you will be no different to Abel. For the same knowledge which Abel had was also in Cain; but Cain not acting well on it did not please God. Imitate the twelve, who being absolutely sure of their calling did not go wayward with it. (Not that they could not do any work they want). But, they desired the Lord’s will more than themselves. If God has called you, He will certainly give you a purpose. It might be the same as someone else, but it will be for His glory and for your honor. He will strengthen you for it by His invisible attributes. This is pleasing to Him. It will ensure you become His light to world for the prevailing of His justice. God beforehand knowing His sons would glorify Him took measures for those that reject His knowledge. “Then the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star from heaven which had fallen to the earth; and the key of the bottomless pit was given to him” (Rev. 9:1).

Many already fell under the power of the star and many more will fall. He who influenced them to reject God’s knowledge for eternal life is the one to whom God gave authority to inflict suffering on them. It will be unbearable. But, if they accept the knowledge they realized, who knows God may be gracious to them; they may live. For it is by grace He revealed the truth and saved countless for eternal life. They having been liberated to vindicate wisdom glorified Him. This is the plumb line for His children. It is kept because of whom they found. “He found first his own brother Simon and said to him, ‘We have found the Messiah’ (which translated means Christ)” (John 1:41).

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