While many celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as a huge festival, there are many more that do not understand its importance. It was not an accident, but a predetermined thought of God. God did not come into this world to understand or get to know men. On the contrary, He came to free them knowing everything about them. He knew that in order to live with Him eternally they needed liberation from the entanglements of the flesh. He created them in His image and had compassion for them. The God that came in the flesh was given to us as the Son of God to whom God gave the name Jesus Christ.

The name Jesus Christ is the acronym of God. I say acronym, because of the Person it represents; because of the immeasurable relevance it has for those who believe in God. In it there is everything beginning from salvation; there is power, unending wisdom and liability; and yet many still miss it. God came and lived among men as Savior Anointed that through His indomitable power He might save as many as possible from death. For this reason, we ought to celebrate Jesus; we ought to rejoice in Him and for His presence. That He is not in the flesh should not deter us, because He continues to live. God sent Him to earth to show that He lives forever and to give us, who believe in Him, the hope of eternity.

When Jesus Christ was born, it was victory to heaven and defeat to Satan, who brought death. His birth in the flesh brought great joy in heaven, as death and those that cause it will no longer have influence over a man who has His presence. The angel throng glorified God at His birth that made way for peace on earth. To this end God has long waited. And when Christ began preaching the kingdom of God, He began bringing God’s desire to fulfillment. Each time He spoke God’s word the Kingdom was present. In other words, He offered men righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, like in the present days many in those days did not believe in Him. They did not desire to receive Him as God. They knew that when Christ said He is the Son of God He meant He is of God. He did not bring people harm, but joy. He did not create a commotion, but led people to the throne of God. He gave glory to God by drawing people to Himself. Yet, the prominent people and many others rejected His gospel and works. They did not find a single reason to accuse Him, but with envy sought for an opportune time. When they found it, “They shouted back, ‘Crucify Him!’” (Mk. 15:13).

So, are we to rejoice at His birth and be saddened at His death? I say rejoice, because He lives. Sure, the death that prevailed in them murdered Him. Yet, the God who lives forever cannot be held by death. This is what Mary, the disciples and the others came to know after they saw Jesus alive. They quickly abandoned their sorrow and held on to joy. With this in mind we ought to only rejoice. For Jesus Christ, who lives, marvelously engages Himself in our presence. Had He not risen from the dead, we and our hope would have been like any other, i.e. of the earth and directionless. But now we have joy. It helps us to see beyond death through the hope of eternal life. Indeed, God coming to earth did not become vain. He suffered in many ways and it is producing fruit for His kingdom. When we think of it, it gives us pain. But that He suffered in our stead and lives forever gives great relief. Then, we do not have to be saddened, but with thankful hearts ought to proclaim Him for coming into the earth. So, His servants said, “Brethren, sons of Abraham’s family, and those among you who fear God, to us the message of this salvation has been sent” (Acts 13:26).

There were many in those days, but the message was sent to some. There were many in those days, but only they that feared God received His message. Though they were sons of Abraham in the flesh, they had to become the sons of God through Jesus. And you too are His sons, since you hear the message sent. It is a marvel that though by nature you are not the sons of Abraham, through faith in Christ you became his sons. This was made possible by God, who wondrously appeared in the flesh. And, the Spirit elsewhere said that all who are of faith are sons of Abraham. If you have grasped Christ, the message of salvation, you have the kingdom of God near you. Where then are sorrow, grief, pain and suffering? In all these you rejoice, because the Kingdom that comes from Christ continually strengthens you for life. For this reason, you are to rejoice and praise God for coming in the flesh. You who have feared God will always find grace. “As it is written, ‘HE WHO gathered MUCH DID NOT HAVE TOO MUCH, AND HE WHO gathered LITTLE HAD NO LACK’” (2 Cor. 8:15).

Is this not what you desire? It is only possible with the God that came in the flesh; for He brings grace into your life. You will not have any want. You will have everything necessary in life besides the magnificent salvation. He who believes in Jesus and His coming as God in the flesh will not be disappointed. The enemy runs away from him knowing he has more than he can handle. He could defeat every power existing except the Power that knew how to dwell in the flesh. Of that Power he enormously fears and because it is in your presence, he does not dare to mitigate you. You are the adytum of God and no evil can harm you or take away God’s magnificent presence from you. His presence is the reason you know Him, seek Him, and obtain promises and blessings from Him. Therefore, rejoice that God was born in the flesh understanding His power. “I know your deeds, and your love and faith and service and perseverance, and that your deeds of late are greater than at first” (Rev. 2:19).

He examines your growing in Him every day. He knows how far you have come in faith. He knows how much you have come to accept Him and love Him. He even knows how much you seek Him in all your endeavors. He knows your heart to serve Him and your perseverance for Him. You have truly come far in faith from the time you believed in Him, when you excel in Him. It reflects the kingdom of God in you. It must be your aim to obtain a commendable witness from Him. It is between you and God, and none else. How can a believer excel in God? How is he or she lauded by Him for their position in Christ? It is by having Him in his or her presence at all times. You ought to strive for God to be in your presence; the rest will be taken care of by Him. This is obtaining His kingdom. For this purpose the Son of God lived among men. His presence gave the believing God’s kingdom. And since He continues to live, it should not be any different for you. Then, you will be obliged for His appearance as the Son of Man. So, the Spirit says, “but if anyone loves God, he is known by Him” (1 Cor. 8:3).

See, to love God is all that is sufficient to have Him in your presence. When you put all your heart and soul to adore Him, He will not deny Himself from coming to you. Remember, He loved you so much that He sent His beloved Son for your sake. If He did not desire you with Him in the heavenly places, He would not seek to know you. On the contrary, He looks and searches if there is any who loves Him that He may come to them. When He finds you doing so, it is the beginning of your examination by Him. Listen, to be known by God is not something you and I vindicate. It is God who vindicates it by that which He seeks from us. For this reason, we ought to love Him. Unless He is fully convinced of our love for Him, He will not call us to serve Him in any manner. Sadly, many are without this knowledge. Our love for Him does not spring up from what we do in and for His name. But, it springs up from uncompromisingly believing that He availed Himself to us as the Son of Man for a reason. “And Jesus answered him, “It is written, ‘MAN SHALL NOT LIVE ON BREAD ALONE.’”” (Luke 4:4).

Yet, many still continue to live on bread alone, since they do not possess His kingdom. Such have many things in life, but they forfeit their soul. Their rejoicing in the appearing of God in the flesh is meaningless. What does Jesus indicate by bringing up the Law? If it is not by bread alone, what else is there? Surely we know. It is by every word that comes from the mouth of God. What does this mean and how does it profit? It means that men must seek God and receive from Him to live for Him. This is godliness. God will use you for His kingdom. He will put you into His service, teach you to persevere, do good deeds and sow faith for righteousness. In all of this He will not let you faint. The profit is unconquerable. It is having God.

Therefore, Jesus Christ came to earth. He came to save us and anoint us that we inherit God’s presence. But, there are many inapt men; of them it was once said, “Who drink wine from sacrificial bowls while they anoint themselves with the finest of oils, yet they have not grieved over the ruin of Joseph” (Amos 6:6). They do not have the upbringing of God. But let us celebrate the God that dwelt among men to save us.

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