From Christ’s Heart

It’s amazing how often men set themselves high up in things pertaining to God. They involve themselves in them, though it is unconvincing to God. Many are “acting God” in the things pertaining to God when they must understand Him. This is sin. Yet, they do not regard it as sin. They ironed themselves out with the Read More

As Negative Circumstances Exist

Discouragement is the greatest enemy (diluent) of strength. It crumbles a person completely insofar as it can lead him to total failure. It begins by killing his inner potency and then makes the outer man completely useless. The longer men spend in it the greater the loss incurred. It appears from situations that are Read More

Pleasing the King

How often do we look at ourselves when things are going against us? It is the habit of people to look for someone or something to blame when times are not conducive to them. They quickly throw the blame on anyone or anything. In doing so, they assume relief or diversion, though they do not appear at all. So, how often Read More


It is outright significant that Christians live a blameless life. Whether or not they are is not under discussion now, but it is absolutely necessary if they wish to claim Jesus, the Most High God, as their Savior, Leader, Shepherd, Guide and King. Our blamelessness comes from our Savior who shed His unblemished blood Read More

A Marvelous Beginning

Have you ever thought what a renewed life would bring? Did you ever wish for life with a marvelous beginning? It brings great joy and awe. Unless a person breaks out of the norm of life, he cannot begin a marvelous life. The norm of life is what we see around us on a day to day basis – the world order and the principles Read More

What Are You Highly Zealous for?

It is a dereliction on part of anyone to not know the way he is traveling. And we effortlessly go to places we are familiar with. The way to those places is imprinted in us by habit. On the other hand, we travel to new places, and we carefully seek directions. Now-a-days we even use gadgets to make it easy on us. Once Read More

Mental Training

We often face situations where we must give answers or responses that mean something or that could initiate a change, action, correction, conviction or realization. How often do we do it? Timely answers are bold, convincingly accurate, and fearless and one that at times even our peers do not expect from us. Believers Read More

Vessels for God’s Victory

How often do we call to mind that God has a purpose toward us? Because each time we face a situation, there is God in it to work through us for the world and for us. When we are faith oriented and trust God for everything that has come up in our life, He then is executing His purpose through us for His kingdom. We are Read More

The Happy Ones

Our soul is an emotional being. It goes through many emotions in a life time. They include the happy ones and the sad ones. When we are happy, we stand tall. Our attitude too is positive. We are energized for all the things that must be done. We show eagerness to do good things. Happiness is an emotion that every human Read More

In The Midst of Hurdles

Walking by the Lord’s will is being prepared to face anything that comes our way with the knowledge that He will not abandon us. Such knowledge is first from our belief in Him and in who He is; He is all-powerful and He lovingly cares for us. With this we increase our knowledge through various experiences. These experiences Read More