God Takes Significant Steps

If the Lord God has made a covenant with us, we are indeed the blessed. He will save and give the best to us. He creates ways wherein at the right time He gives all that He has determined for us. He does it by His power and desire toward us. He loved us so much that He brought us into His Son’s image, which is pure and holy. Everyone loved by Him will be blessed with the best. His love is unfathomable. Its depths and heights cannot be measured. It goes deeper than the deep and wider than the firmament. The Lord is known to act by His covenant with His loved ones and therefore, He reserves the best for them. No matter the circumstances they will be blessed more than those who did not receive His love. And, “Now Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac” (Gen. 25:5).

Abraham had the best from God due to the covenant God made with him. Isaac received all, since the covenant included him and since Abraham was convinced of the covenant God made with him. God led him to it. Abraham was a man of faith, which was founded on the covenant of God. There were others in his house, yet, he gave the best to Isaac alone. Faith in the covenant gave him the power to see the will of God. Indeed, God bound Himself to Isaac with His covenant. Even so will it be when we have the covenant from His Word. We will be blessed with the best. He desires to bind Himself to us. Many a Christian does not realize this. They take matters into their own hands or make plans to glorify themselves. Instead, they ought to obtain His covenant and it will put them on the right track. God will lead them to the best things in life. A covenant of God, first, is His will for our eternal dwelling with Him. And because we sought to live with Him without objections, He gives us the best. This is His love toward us. If we fail to understand it, we are in fear and uncertainty. God is able to create us anew by molding, satisfying and honoring us. Throughout the Bible we see such ability of His. An example of it is the following. “Saul took him that day and did not let him return to his father’s house” (1 Sam. 18:2).

Saul took David into his house after he killed the giant, Goliath. Who could have thought of what would transpire since then, if not God? God loved David. It was because He chose him as a shepherd to His people. God takes significant steps to honor His loved ones. It was not in David, to say the least, to desire such honor, but God sanctified him, molded, satisfied and honored him. In the end, God Himself was eternally glorified. For this reason, He gives the best to His loved ones. Many churches do not realize this and hence, in foolishness forfeit the honor that would have been theirs; for they are always in a mind of their own. But, men and women with God’s will despise their own mind. They build their lives on His mind. They are led by Him to receive the best. When they receive, God is inevitably known to the world. Those without His will obtain dishonor at their own expense. The following is an example of it. “For the queen’s conduct will become known to all the women causing them to look with contempt on their husbands by saying, ‘King Ahasuerus commanded Queen Vashti to be brought in to his presence, but she did not come’” (Esth. 1:17).

Queen Vashti denied the order of the king and was eventually stripped of her honor according the wisdom of their law. How sad! Her deeds having been controlled by her flesh led to her dishonor. That which was the best to her vanished instantly. And we know the significant step God took once she was removed. He gives the best to His loved ones to produce the best from them. But it is not so with the people of the flesh, since they neither possess His covenant nor seek to possess it. Their works are of the flesh and they reap their consequences. Though they occupy the highest places, obtain great reputation, wealth and honor, at the appropriate time foolishness will find them out. Fundamentally, the covenant or will of God is the source of wisdom that regulates our life for God. Because of such life, He makes plans and prepares people to bless us. Christians that do not understand this are the most to be pitied. They claim the name of the Almighty God and yet are no better than the foolish. There are many great things to obtain in this life, but if they are by the works of our hands, they will be short-lived. For everything we receive and desire God should have first made His covenant with us. Then, we will surely get the best and not the second best or the things that are seemingly the best. Hence, those who are called by Him obtain His covenant. Their path is set to eternal glory and they continue to obtain the best. It is not for any less reason God foretold this concerning them. “Though all the peoples walk Each in the name of his god, As for us, we will walk In the name of the LORD our God forever and ever” (Mic. 4:5).

How pertinent! We who have His will can be audacious of living with Him. There’s no need to fear or be weak so as to have a mind of our own. As long as we live in His will, we walk in His name from this time forth even to the end. This determination of ours is born out of the love He has shown on us. His love envelops us in His will to supply us with everything He desired for us that we become confident of walking in His name. Conversely, when we receive the best from Him, we ought not to forget His love and boldly walk in His name. His will for us is the foundation to obtain the best and that which we obtained should be the driving force to continue in His will. The result of it is not only personal in nature, but also the spreading of knowledge of Him to those that continue to deny Him. Though everything around us collapses, He will not fail to deliver His best to us or safeguard the best He gave us. For in the wilderness He split the rock and quenched their thirst. His ability to bless us is beyond our imagination. Note this point: if you are His son by His covenant, you will be blessed with the best.

How true can all this be? Just as Christ said, “Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all things take place,” (Luke 21:32) concerning the things that happen before His appearance. By this saying He revealed there is a better blessing for those who guard themselves from sin and unrighteousness. His words are a safeguard to the best He promised, i.e. eternal life. If this is true, then that God loves us to give us the best to walk with Him is no less than truth. So, we see the likes of Isaac and David, having obtained approval for a better life, being blessed with the best. To receive the best means God’s work toward us is witnessed by us and those around us. All things will take place, the things to the called and the things to the uncalled, that His name is forever glorified. He gives us His best so that we remain His best among the people that do not seek His best. In every generation He provides the best of that generation to His loved ones. In doing so, He greatly rejoices and they have joy and tranquility. They will have His ways to glorify Him. And we see Paul to have received the best, i.e. his own rented place for two full years, to do what he does best – “preaching the kingdom of God and teaching concerning the Lord Jesus Christ with all openness, unhindered” (Acts 28:31).

He was able to proclaim God in the manner he did only because God first blessed him with the best. Similarly, God will also give you the best so that you can do your best to bring Him glory with all openness and unhindered. The basis for this is the covenant He made (makes) with you. He provides you in His ways. Only be sure of His will for you. For many have done great things for God because they were sure of the covenant He made with them. As they went forward, they were even more blessed with the best for His name. So it will be in your case when you prove zealous for God in doing whatever He leads you to do. This is your best for Him “so that you may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ” (Phil. 1:10).

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