The Wisdom of The Commands

God always has in mind the nature of man. He knows his obedience and disobedience, and the reason behind them. He knows the times when he strongly believes in Him and the times when he does not. Man does possess a heart that fluctuates. As long as he obeys God in all matters relating to life and godliness, he is stable glorifying God both on earth and before heaven. Yet, when he takes matters into his own hands, there will appear in him the part that begins to disobey God. It is primarily for this reason that God gave commands to men that there should not appear in them a disobedient heart. Disobedience causes unbelief that nullifies the righteousness of God in men. When they obey the law of God, there will be present no opportunity for them to deviate from Him. Commands help them to walk in faith. If there is a sin, temptation or suffering that approaches them, the wisdom of the commands guides them in the right direction and to a safe place. People that were led in the right directions have always been victorious.

To possess the wisdom of the commands is very different from knowing the commands. It is naturally possible for men to know and rehearse the commands. But, to possess the wisdom present in them needs faith that comes by the calling of God. Faith is the divide of God between the men that see and the men that cannot see. And, the word of God calls the faithful as the sanctified or the set apart. The sanctified know the worth of the commands, because they give them life. They make their faith glow continuously by producing in them the fear of God. When God gave commands to Israel, He gave them in relation to blessings and curses that they should not profane His holy name. Because He knew that they will quickly turn away from Him, He beforehand spoke through His servant Moses saying, “and you return to the LORD your God and obey Him with all your heart and soul according to all that I command you today, you and your sons” (Deut. 30:2).

Why would they return unless they wander away? Israel did wander away from God after the death of Moses. God having foreseen their nature revealed it to them. When Israel began taking matters into their own hands, they could not believe to hold in them the wisdom of His commands. Each one went his way. It was God’s commands that foretold them of their nature toward Him. Israel did not take guard. They turned against Him and He banished them into various nations. When they realized their sin, they remembered the God that loved them and blessed them. They returned to Him. Yet, there was needed a way for them to be accepted by God. It was His commands. When they obeyed them with all their heart and soul, He brought them out of captivity. It became greatly evident to Israel that it is God who judges on the earth. Had it not been for His kindness, the Israel that sinned would not have an opportunity to return to Him. God continued His blessings upon them.

Whether it was the nation Israel in those days or the churches in these days, the primary reason for them to stray away from God is the men that lead them. The Israel that followed God in the days of Moses could not follow Him after his death. They forgot God. Of this situation God beforehand told Moses. Similarly, the churches that obeyed God in the days of the apostles are not the same today. Many have come in the name of God leading men into disobedience. They have changed the nature of faith, the teachings of Christ, of the apostles and the prophets. And, many churches like the nation Israel entered captivity, either of sin or of suffering. God also led Paul beforehand to warn the elders of the church in Ephesus regarding the fierce wolves that would enter them after his departure. Later, elsewhere the Spirit of Christ through the apostle John warned the same church about abandoning their first love. They have performed good works for which they received commendation from Christ. Yet, to have forgotten their first love, i.e. God, is a sin that erases every righteous deed. Christ commanded that they instantly repent or face the penalty. He gave them a sign to repent when He told them to recall from where they have fallen. It is indeed amazing to know that the church, if willing, can actually bring to mind from where they have fallen. The works they do always speak.

It is necessary for the present churches to realize the kind of faith and obedience they must possess. Their works, whether of falsity or disobedience, have become quite evident. They must do the deeds of the churches under the apostles and prophets. And, for such a situation to arise they need men like those that led the early churches. Everyone can transform to become Christ like and the present men too can transform to lead, if they turn to God and obey His commands with all their heart and soul. Then, there will be no opportunity for them to conform to the things of the world. God Himself will make provisions for them to possess all things. “So the sons of Israel gave to the Levites the cities with their pasture lands” (1 Chron. 6:64). This was according to God’s command. Notice how God specifically treated those that served His tabernacle. He did not want them to do any other work or put their mind to any desire. Because He chose them for His service alone, He took upon Himself the duty of supplying all their needs. When He commanded Moses not to allot any inheritance to them, it was because He Himself wanted to be their inheritance. Do you wish God to be your only inheritance? If so, your desire is good. Now, begin to obey God in every matter relating to life and godliness. Seek Him that He may answer you, guide and strengthen you by filling you with His Spirit. Then, all things are yours for His glory. There is nothing that you will lack. No worry will overtake you, I mean no worry. What you cannot overcome and what you can overcome leave them to the work of God for a perfect result. You will be amazed by what transpires. If you as a preacher, teacher or an elder have obtained significance from God, imagine what would be of the sheep that hear you speak of Him. It will be life full of joy.

Now, “who can speak of the mighty deeds of the LORD, or can show forth all His praise?” (Ps. 106:2). It is those who have obtained significance from God. David answered the question long before he wrote it in the Spirit. Therefore, he also obtained the authority to write. He spoke of all the deeds of the Lord, because he believed in Him who performs mighty deeds for His people. By the way, God performed for David just as he believed. How impossible is it to announce or show forth God’s praise without having known and having received His mighty deeds! What will they that do not consider the mighty deeds of God as necessary to the church announce? Even if they speak of God’s deeds toward Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Paul, Peter or John, what will it profit them? But, when they believe like they speak, it will certainly profit them. Is it not written that “we also believe, therefore, we also speak?” Hence, we speak of that which we believe, because it is victory. Seek to speak of the mighty deeds of God and you will find belief that gives you righteousness. The works that God performs for you and in you are life to you to obey His commands.

However, you stray away from those that speak on the contrary that you may not miss out on God’s incredible fellowship. For God has spoken of such people saying, “O Israel, your prophets have been like foxes among ruins” (Ezek. 13:4). Are not the many present day churches burdened by men with strange voices? What are foxes among ruins? They are those that have not seen God’s might. Even so are those that falsely speak in the name of the Lord. They go by their own thoughts and hence, they find nothing from God or anything relating to Him. Though they hope that their word must stand, it will not. They spoke when God did not send them. Everything they spoke of God and His word will not yield for them the heavenly result. They spoke apart from the faith that comes from God. They might have known of God’s mighty deeds toward His people, but they will not find them in their lives. “So after receiving the morsel he went out immediately; and it was night” (John 13:30).

They can no longer stand in the presence of the righteous Lord. Thus, they also cannot speak righteously of Him. They do not have the power of belief that allows God to perform His mighty deeds for them. They constantly evade speaking of the God that does great things. They are even afraid to speak of the great things He did lest they lose their vivacity. Yet, they speak of the resurrection of the dead which is by His power. Had they realized that the same faith and obedience that compel God to perform mighty deeds for His people become the reason to raise them from the dead to life, they would speak of His mighty deeds and show forth all His praise and that too, without ceasing. As Paul grasped this, he was given to say, “Behold, I tell you a mystery; we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed” (1 Cor. 15:51).

It is only by faith that we possess this mystery and our faith must be protected by the wisdom of His commands. Have you not known God fully so as to obey Him? Then, return to Him quickly and obey His word with all your heart and soul that you should receive wisdom. If you believe in the mystery, you come to the knowledge of the mighty God. You have overcome every hurdle that obstructs you to believe that God will bless you and perform mighty deeds for you. For this reason, it is written, “Therefore, just as the Holy Spirit says, ‘TODAY IF YOU HEAR HIS VOICE” (Heb. 3:7).

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