It is known that all works, whether good or bad, have consequences. Good consequences are always welcomed and relished. They bring peace, joy and comfort. Yet, these can vanish away on the existence of one particular event. It is transgression. Transgression causes grief, discomfort and in some cases physical death. It no doubt has eternal consequences. But the passage we examine is regarding the earthly consequences. “And on account of transgression the host will be given over to the horn along with the regular sacrifice; and it will fling truth to the ground and perform its will and prosper” (Dan. 8:12).

  • God does not spare continual transgressions
    • He will spare any transgression that ends in repentance and receiving forgiveness. He will let no further consequences appear.
    • He will not spare transgressions that continue and transgressions for which His forgiveness is not sought by faith.
  • The only means to discontinuing or stopping a transgression is casting it away with His forgiveness; there’s no substitute for it.
  • A huge misconception among churches is that transgressions can be cancelled if they are followed by good works or other measures.
  • Works cannot cancel transgressions and restore self-respect. The intent of God the Father to kill His Son on the cross, which He later did, is not that works should suffice. So, the call for works is man-made and deception.
  • When a transgression of a person or a nation is repetitive and wishes to see no end to it, relapse of God’s patience is certain.
  • God gives time by His patience so that a transgression may stop or else, receive just penalty.
  • He hands over that person or nation to suffering and loss. He will disturb all their routine.
  • Justice loses its place among men, for God no longer lets justice rule rather than His punishment.
  • To remain in sin or to take up an alternative course with a view to subsiding sin is continuing in sin.
  • When the churches continue in sin with no concern for remorse, they lose the prerogative to normally carry on the worship of God. They can only do it in shame, loss, confusion, deception or quit totally.
  • Believers in continual sin lose the power and essence of the truth that should actively work in them.
  • God raises a situation or person to punish sin.
    • He gives him such power so that he can act in whatever way he pleases
    • There will be no room for mercy, concern or sympathy.
  • Everything that was once normal will slowly begin to fade away to the point of no contentment and peace.
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